Choosing the right wall decor is essential to creating a space that shines aesthetically. It’s not uncommon to make totally avoidable mistakes when decorating your walls, but there are several simple tips to keep in mind to help make the most out of your interior design. Read on to find out how to choose the perfect wall decor to make your space something truly special.

Work with the space you already have.

As the old adage goes, don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Whether you’re updating your bedroom, living room, or even a large dining room, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific dimensions and functionality of the space in question and research wall decor that will best accent the existing design.

Mood Makers: How Wall Decor Can Make or Break a Space

While style is subjective to some extent, interior decorating experts may be able to provide suggestions and rules of thumb to help you get started. A room with taller ceilings, for instance, may provide additional space to get creative with your wall decor (though this doesn’t mean rooms with lower ceilings can’t accommodate fantastic wall art, as well).

Don’t overcrowd your space.

Sometimes a well-done gallery wall can be exactly what a space needs to shine, but there’s a fine line between organized chaos and simple overcrowding. Packing art pieces of different shapes and sizes haphazardly on your wall may distract from the overall aesthetic of the room, making it look much smaller than it actually is.

Mood Makers: How Wall Decor Can Make or Break a Space

When choosing the perfect wall decor for your home, try to find pieces that will create the illusion of additional space (even if the existing space is cozy or small). As humans, we are drawn to spaciousness and naturally avoid areas that feel cramped, whether or not we’re aware of it. Be selective in the artwork you choose to display, as overcrowding your walls can create an unpleasant, chaotic feeling in a space, particularly if it’s already on the smaller side.

Be thoughtful about your color scheme.

Choosing the right colors for your wall decor can make or break your space. You’ll likely have multiple pieces of artwork in the same room, so you’ll want to make sure the color schemes complement each other.

Mood Makers: How Wall Decor Can Make or Break a Space

If you struggle with coordinating color and designs, consider a piece of 3-panel wall art. These sophisticated works of art are large enough to cover a significant portion of the wall and capture a single image across multiple pieces, so the color scheme will never clash or stand out unpleasantly.

Consider your choice of wall paint carefully.

Everyone loves a vibrant accent wall, but in general, we recommend choosing a neutral color (think beige, grey, or off-white) when deciding on a base paint for your walls. Lighter colors will help your space seem larger and more open, while darker colors may make a room feel cramped or closed off.

Mood Makers: How Wall Decor Can Make or Break a Space

To find the perfect paint color, it’s important to choose from several samples and get the paint that appears lighter than what you’re hoping for, as it is guaranteed to dry a darker color. Think of your walls as a canvas to display artwork that speaks to you and elevates your space. Don’t settle on a shade that you’re not totally in love with, and try to consider colors that will accent intended wall decor.

Think about symmetry.

Humans are drawn to symmetry. You may not be fully aware of your inclination towards balance when it comes to wall decor, but you can feel the difference between a room that’s accomplished good balance versus a room that’s lacking. Consider even spacing when hanging your various wall decor — yes, this means getting out the tape measure and doing it right.

Mood Makers: How Wall Decor Can Make or Break a Space

Choose wall decor that speaks to you!

The most important thing to remember when decorating your space is that you should aspire to find art that speaks to you on a personal and emotional level. Don’t just buy something because it’s trending, on sale, or because you need to fill a space in your wall. Have faith that something wonderful will present itself in time and make your space complete. Be thoughtful and selective with your choices and let a good piece of art speak for itself.

Mood Makers: How Wall Decor Can Make or Break a Space

When choosing wall decor that’s right for your space, make sure you’re keeping all of these tips and tricks in mind. The key is to be slow and patient and only purchase artwork that speaks to you and the space you’re buying it for. The perfect seller will provide quality work that will transform your space and make you proud to display their pieces on your walls. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect space for you.