Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

People are crazy about swimming pools. They wait a whole year for summers just to jump into their pools. And if they don’t have one in their backyard, they are willing to travel to places where they can enjoy their time swimming in an exotic pool with their loved ones. In this article, we are going to discuss most amazing swimming pools to take a dip this summer. So read on, learn about some of the best pools around the world and cool off this summer in style.

Swimming – A great exercise of body and mind

Swimming is not just a way to maintain your fitness, it is also the best way to enjoy your time. Summertime is ideal to go for a swimming trip with your family, friends, or loved one. As the summer season is on the peak, it will be the best idea to plan your trip as soon as possible to one of the coolest swimming pools available to the public in the whole world.

Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

So, in order to help you plan a perfect escape to the world’s coolest public swimming pool, we have made our research and came up with some of the best swimming pools that you can dip in. So who is ready for the best swimming trip of their life? Grab your bathing suit, towel, goggles, and slippers, because we are going to show our reader’s world’s coolest public swimming pools. Some of them are public pools, some are located in hotels or waterparks, but every single one of them is amazing and exceptional. And if you are ready to spend some extra money, you can even treat yourself to a luxury people can only imagine.

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Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

World’s Coolest Public Swimming Pools

SO Sofitel, Bangkok – Thailand

With an amazing view of the city’s skyline, SO Sofitel swimming pool is Bangkok’s premium swimming pool. It is home to the city’s most extravagant pool parties, and is a great way to enjoy an amazing time. SO Sofitel swimming pool provides a perfect getaway from the bustling city life, and people can enjoy catching sunrays, along with drinking cocktails and taking dips with a killer view of Lumpini Park. So book Bangkok flights now, and enjoy the amazing experience of SO Sofitel Swimming pool.

Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

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San Alfonso Del Mar – Chile

San Alfonso Del Mar is one of the best places to take a swim. It was the largest swimming pool in the world. Located in Chile near Santiago, it is more than a kilometer long. Although it is not public, and only open to the local residents of the resort, you can pay an extra amount of fee to swim in this special swimming pool.

Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

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Citystars Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt

Citystars Sharm El Sheikh is the largest swimming pool in the world. Opened in 2015 to the public, it is one of the best destinations to plan your swimming trip. Its huge size makes it special among other swimming pools in this list as it takes some great engineering to build it.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath – Hungary

Széchenyi is a complex in Budapest, Hungary that has not one, but 3 swimming pools for the public. With an amazing architecture covering the swimming pools, you can imagine yourself swimming with the Royals. Pools are all heated up to 27 degrees Centigrade so that people can enjoy a nice warm swim.

Water Cube – China

Located in Beijing, China; Water Cube is yet another great choice to go for a swim. Formerly known as National Aquatics Center, it was used as one of the pools for Summer Olympics in 2008. Swimming in the pool used in Olympics requires passing a physical exam. So start your cardio from today so you can swim in the pool where the world and Olympic records were broken.

Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

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Kitsilano Pool – Canada

Located at the Oceanside, this pool is best for everyone. You can have a great view of the ocean as well as the Vancouver City skyline. It is surely is a great choice to plan your swimming vacation.

Bondi Icebergs Club – Australia

Located at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, Bondi Icebergs Club has a great history and a unique location for everyone to enjoy. It offers a swimming deck watch to all its swimmers, and you can practically spot whales and dolphins from there.

Viceroy Hotel – USA

The swimming pools of Viceroy Hotel in Miami Florida is one of the largest pool in America, and certainly one of the luxurious. It is a great place to take a dip, enjoy time sunbathing and relax with your loved ones.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is an exceptional hotel, standing out amongst other tall skyscrapers in the city. It provides a breathtaking view of the city from the top. Guests feel like they are swimming well above the clouds. It is surely a great experience for everyone swimming in their pools. The best time to visit this ‘top of the city’ swimming pool in when the city state hosts Formula One Grand Prix. The weekend is full of exotic sound from the hottest cars in the world, festivities, concerts, and other amazing functions. You can enjoy the whole live Grand Prix practically from this Hotel’s swimming pool.

Most Amazing Swimming pools to take a dip this summer

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