Packing can be tiresome. It requires a skill that takes time to be perfect. But regardless of whether you’re packing a backpack or a suitcase, what’s inside is the most important of all. When packing your bag, you’ll want to focus on creating a smooth travel experience and things like an accessible document organizer will help you stay organized and enjoy your travel abroad despite the hassle of going there. Then, make sure your IFE or In-Flight Entertainment experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

In some cases, you checked in luggage may not make it with you or be late in your final destination and this can happen to you, and to everyone else. So you’ll always want to take that into consideration to make your travel less of a headache. It is worth mentioning that you should always keep your identification cards and documents in your bag. Make sure you put your waterproof wallets, car keys, and jewelry in one section for easy access.

Must-Have Items in Your Bag to Enjoy Traveling Abroad

Here are some of the must-have items in your carry-on bag to enjoy the travel abroad you deserve.

Sleeping Kit

If you are traveling abroad on either short or long haul flight, you don’t want to set yourself up for the jet lag, you’re going to need to get some sleep. The problem is because you are in a tube you’ll hear different kinds of noise that come from children crying, and the reading light next to you is on, it’s hard to take a nap. Bring some eye masks and earplugs. Beware of the cheap kits available in the market, the masks can be irritating to your face if it snugs real hard to your face and the earplugs are no better than tissue-like texture in your ears. It comes useful as well when you don’t want to hear the loud voice coming in next to your room.

Must-Have Items in Your Bag to Enjoy Traveling Abroad


Airlines offer free earphones during boarding and the sound quality of these earphones is horrible and if you’re going to use it for a long haul flight, you might want to use your own earbuds instead. Most modern airlines now have the standard headphone jack and ditch the original two dock pins. But there are some great noise-canceling headphones on the market if you want to drown out the crying noise coming from a baby or a drunk guest next to your room.

Must-Have Items in Your Bag to Enjoy Traveling Abroad

Tablet or Laptop

Some airlines have a small screen in front of you for entertainment and some, especially for short-haul flights, don’t unless looking out the window is enough to keep you entertained throughout the flight, bring your tablet or Kindle with you as a source of amusement.

Must-Have Items in Your Bag to Enjoy Traveling Abroad


When traveling, you’re most likely to use your phone even before reaching your destination, reviewing your itinerary, looking up places to go and directions to those places, keeping in touch with friends and family, which all can drain your phone’s battery faster than normal. And when traveling, your access to a power outlet is never guaranteed. That’s why it’s best to put a power bank in your bag. Invest in one that is not just giving you enough power rather reliable enough to charge your phone multiple times before the need to charge it again.

Must-Have Items in Your Bag to Enjoy Traveling Abroad


Weather nowadays are unpredictable and even your weather app says that there is no chance of rain there is a possibility you might get caught up by rain and need to dry off. Quick-drying towels may not be comfortable to dry off with but they get the job done without adding too much space to your bag. Plus, because they dry so easily you won’t have to wait that long before you can put it in your bag and head out.

Must-Have Items in Your Bag to Enjoy Traveling Abroad

Needless to say, both packing and traveling is fun. It’s up to you which items you will bring during your trip abroad just make sure that whatever it is, maybe it makes your trip one for the books.