There is no doubt about it; new-build homes are becoming increasingly smaller and more compact.

This is triggered by an imbalance between supply and demand, as a lack of available housing is forcing public and private bodies to build new structures in an increasingly diminishing space. While small and compact spaces can be cosy, they are far from ideal for home-owners with a number of material possessions that need to be stored internally.

These circumstances demand a proactive approach towards storage, whether you intend to live in your home for a prolonged period of time or wish to sell your property. Here are three tips that will help you to optimise space and make the most of your home.

Clear the Clutter

How to Optimise Space and Make the Most of Your Home

Let’s start with the basics; it is imperative that you take the manual step of decluttering your space before you invest in any additional storage solutions. This will lay the foundation for long-term change, rather than simply providing additional storage that will quickly become overwhelmed by clutter. Decluttering your home will not be easy (especially if you have children or are sentimental by nature), but it will deliver considerable results over time. In addition to this, also remember to invest in multifunctional items of furniture that create rather than consume space.

Be creative in the Pursuit of a Spacious Home

How to Optimise Space and Make the Most of Your Home

Creativity is a crucial component of optimising the space in your house, especially in terms of your overall home decor ethos. By investing time and money in a minimalist design philosophy, for example, you can focus on the essential elements and create a layout that optimises the floor space at your disposal. This enables you to create additional space at ground level, which can easily be maintained even as your home evolves and caters to alternative needs.

Integrate Technology into your home

How to Optimise Space and Make the Most of Your Home

Technology has evolved at a considerable rate over the last two decades, and it will continue to do so as the pace of advancement gathers further momentum. Innovation has also impacted on almost every marketplace and industry; with the space storage sector no exception to this rule. From small inventions such as table top ironing boards to more substantial creations such as hidden, built-in wall units, technology offers a unique opportunity for home-owners to save space in their property without compromising on its functionality.