Convert any piece of land or available space around your house, office or backyard into aesthetically pleasing areas. The landscaping professionals include architects and technicians that evaluate your convenient area. After evaluation, you can consult a horticulturist about the gardening aspect. However, you can always speak to a customer support of a landscaping company for free guidance.

Types of Landscaping Designs

Hire an architect from a Landscape and Paving Services Company. The architect along with his technicians will assess your outdoor area, and will accordingly suggest you some typical landscape models.

  • Mediterranean Style: The theme of this landscape design is Palm-tree covered thoroughfares. If you are thinking about planting palm type plants, you can refer to Mediterranean style. You can use Mediterranean landscaping in your backyard or front yard.

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Photo by Margie Grace – Grace Design AssociatesLook for Mediterranean landscape design inspiration

  • Japanese Garden Style: If you are thinking of landscaping your yard with shrubby plants and ornamentals, you can select Japanese garden style.
  • Cottage Gardens: If you are looking for a flower garden in your front yard or backyard, you can choose cottage landscape style.
  • South-West Landscape Design: If you live in a dry climate, you can certainly select South-west model as it harbors only arid plants like cactuses, prickly pear.

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Photo by D-CRAIN Design and ConstructionDiscover southwestern landscape design ideas

  • Formal Garden: Landscapes with particular geometrical designs, where the plants are in order and regularly pruned for a regular appearance.
  • Tropical Landscape Design: This landscape design is perfect for plants with thick foliage. Plants are planted to provide shade.

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Photo by The Garden BuildersBrowse tropical landscape ideas

  • Tuscan Garden Design: This kind of model is meant for potted plants only to give a tussle or Tuscan appearance all along the thoroughfare. Often times the passages can be lined with some tall trees.
  • Xeriscaping: If you are looking for a landscape design where you want to reduce water input by planting arid or semi-arid plants in a normal climate, you can follow this design.

Some Additional Elements

Consult with the Landscaping and Paving Service about some other structures that you can incorporate. You can also include a small garden pond if you want. Decorate the pond with lightings, small aquatic herbs, and little ducks. In order to gain proper knowledge about garden plants and animals, consult a horticulturist. You can also build a little tree house or play area or a small dining place for entertaining guests. Build decorated staircases at your outdoor spot.

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Photo by Ehrich & Ehrich Landscape Architects, Inc. – Search Asian landscape design ideas

Types of Pavement Designs

There is an option to select some local paving materials and exotic materials. You can also choose pavement patterns like Circle, Herringbone, Basket weave, European Weave, interlocks, etc. You can keep the pattern plain. Utilize your pavement according to your requirement. The utility can vary from driver’s pavement, a walker’s pavement or a paver’s thoroughfare. However, you also have the option to use some exotic stone chips or marble pieces. Select the easily available designs to suit your uses.

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  • Stone pavement: Select the whole hand hewn stones embedded in a sand bed exclusively for vehicles and walker’s pavement.
  • Flagstone pavement: You can choose thin flagstone sheets if you want to build a pavement for dining space, swimming pools and enhancing aesthetic beauty.
  • Concrete pavement: You can use concrete pavement for vehicle transport also, but these are mainly installed with colored joints to give a decorated look.

Important Points to Remember

Try to build your landscape with local resources as far as possible. Take proper care of your outdoor space with plants and animals. Seek professional advice whenever necessary. Always plan your landscape by sorting out some priorities. The priorities should be budget, safety of your garden, and low maintenance of your landscape. If you want to introduce some exotic materials in your pavements or landscape, consult with your architect. Similarly consult a horticulturist for introducing some exotic plants in your garden. Be very careful with the swimming pool. Clean the water of your garden pond and swimming pool regularly.

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