Traveling with your camera is a great way to enjoy your journey and capturing the moment you face along. Learning how to take great images can be a great way to prepare for your next travel. Photography is fun and with some guidelines and tips you will be able to take beautiful looking images with the camera you won.

Research the place before

Researching the place you will be visiting can be a great way to make yourself aware of all the beautiful location your next travel destination has to offer. You can look google images, bing images or search photography website like or These research will also be helpful to make or imagine new creative shots that has not been taken before. Research the climate of the location as well. Whether It will be a sunny or rainy day, be prepared.

Swayambhu, Kathmandu

Photography Tips for Great Travel Photo Album

Understanding the lighting

Photography literally means, painting with light. Understanding the lighting and the different types of shadow it creates can be very helpful to take your photography into next level. When you make yourself aware of these changes you will find much easier to compose a subject and looking for beautiful subject. There are different types of lighting we come across along the day, early morning its side lighting , then at noon its straight up creating shadows on the group which is also called flat lighting.

Target for side lighting

When you understand the lighting and the changes it bring to the shadow, you will understand why side lighting is consider to be the photographer’s light. Sunsets and sunrise are the two times when sun is lower on the horizon creating natural side lighting. Sunrise and sunsets gives a vibrant color to your landscape, which is why many landscape photographers wait hours for side lighting.

Bhairahawa, capturing sun lighting

Photography Tips for Great Travel Photo Album

Deeper aperture

It’s the deeper aperture that will give more detail to your images when capturing a landscape images. Since you want most part of your images to be sharper and have a deeper depth of field try aperture smaller than f8 and keep on experimenting with the aperture.

Kalikasthan, on the way to gosaikunda

Photography Tips for Great Travel Photo Album

Take wide angles shots

Wide angle shots give your travel photography much more depth . Since the presence of foreground element, mid ground element and background element will add much sense of depth than the image from zoom lens.

On my trek to Thorong La

Photography Tips for Great Travel Photo Album

Shoot in raw

Shooting in raw is another important advice if you want to take your photograph into next level. With power of post processing you can really turn your amazing landscape travel shot to a master piece. When shooting in Raw, camera firmware captures all the details from sensor and store it without losing any detail and data.

Before and after taken in Pokhara

Photography Tips for Great Travel Photo Album

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