Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

The third largest city of Nepal, Pokhara, is really a paradise for all the travelers and peace lover from around the world. Pokhara, a sub metropolitan city is approximately 200 kilometer west from the capital city Kathmandu. Pokhara is considered to be the most beautiful city of Nepal and it is also a hub for many trekkers traveling to the Annapurna range and many other trekking routes.

Pokhara offers a very subtropical climate for its tourist, with temperature ranging from 25 to 35 °C, in winter around – 2 to 15 °C. Pokhara receives the most rainfall in the country and its also home to some of the most adventurous activities such as paragliding, zip flyer, ultralight aircraft, boating, motor biking, rafting, mountain biking etc offered in Nepal. Famous for its lakes pokhara has a lot to offer to its tourist. With lakes such as fewa lake, begnas lake, rupa lake to gupteswar cave and mahendra cave.  Fewa lake is the largest and most beautiful lake among the 3 lakes in Pokhara. Everyday hundreds and thousand of tourist enjoy boat ride on these lakes.

The Begnas Lake

Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

Lake Phewa, Pokhara

Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

Pokhara is also famous for its nightlife, which is very rare in Nepal. Lakeside is another famous place for tourist to hang out with many bars and pubs. Lakeside is one of the busiest road in Pokhara generally during the annual festive events.

If you are planning to travel to Pokhara, then one easy route can be by air. Pokhara has a domestic airport at the heart of city. You can also travel by road on a bus or microbus (minibus) which will take you around 6-7 hours. While heading towards pokhara from kathmandu by road you will also pass through one of the oldest temples and a very holy destination for Hindus, Manakamana Mandir near muglin.

Gupteswar Gupha

Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

Historically Pokhara is famous as a trade route between India and Tibet. Still many people from upper Himalayas region travel to Pokhara with their goods for trading and taking necessary goods back home.

The snowy peak of the Machhapuchre mountain serves as a mesmerizing backdrop for the beautiful city, Pokhara. With its pristine lakes and its greenery Pokhara is a must visit place for everyone planning to visit Nepal. If you are lucky you could see the whole Annapurna range on a fine clear day. But you shall see mount. Machhapuchhre also called Mt. Fishtail from all over pokhara. It is the nearest mountain from Pokhara, which dominates the mountainous Himalaya range.


Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

If you want to experience some local cultural tradition then you can plan your travel to sirubari, a small village at a height of 1,700m. The village won PATA awards in 2001 for preserving its tradition and culture. About 20 kilometer far from the pokhara to northeast, it will take a 5-hour walk to reach sirubari.

For me it is not possible to describe the beauty of Pokhara in mere words so here I have few photographs that I have taken in Pokhara. As you all know that a picture speaks a thousand words, I hope you will enjoy these photographs of mine. And if you ever happen to travel to Nepal, do make sure that you visit Pokhara.


Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

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