The government of Singapore makes a serious effort to promote eco-tourism by all means. The country has preserved some offshore islands that are totally out of bounds to urban development. Pulau Ubin remains one of the best destinations when such places are mentioned. It has attracted tourists from all parts of the world to come and interact with nature in its original form. According to an agent at the immigration department, even the foreign employees who seek an employment visa pass with them are likely to visit Pulau Ubin within their first month of staying in Singapore. So, what makes this offshore Island and interesting place?

Adventurous Activities

People who like to engage in various outdoor activities while interacting with mother nature are drawn here. While the management of the park sets strict guidelines for the use of resources here, Pulau Ubin is a hub for fun. All activities are eco in nature, and they include the following:

Pulau Ubin: Eco-Tourism and Adventures in Singapore


People can hike or go for a nature walk through the thick rubber tree forest and rocky terrain of this island. Trained guides are available to help people with navigation and how to handle the flora. They do not allow walking off the tracks because this will affect the natural vegetation. The guides also give the history of the indigenous herbs and tree, some of which will surprise you.

Pulau Ubin: Eco-Tourism and Adventures in Singapore


The whole family can enjoy riding mountain bikes through the rough tracks. The island has bikes that are rented for a fee. Although they are old and rusty, they are part of the adventure, and they mean a lot to the society. Most of the money people spend here helps the local communities in efforts of sustainability. Just like hiking, bike riding is also guided by a local tour guide.


If you do not like a lot of movement, you can still enjoy eco-tourism at Pulau Ubin by going on a picnic. They have dedicated picnic sites in various parts of the island, and you can expect to get the best views ever. They allow people to bring picnic and finger foods and have fun whether in small or large groups.

Pulau Ubin: Eco-Tourism and Adventures in Singapore


As much as the island is commonly known for adventures, most people cannot end their day before they swim. The beaches are clean and warm for whole families to enjoy. They have dedicated beach guides who make sure that all is well during your fun time.

Pulau Ubin: Eco-Tourism and Adventures in Singapore

Dining in Pulau Ubin

With such a high degree of eco-tourism, you would expect to find evidence of the same in their eating habits. The locals here, who live in traditional villages, love seafood mixed with coconut. After all, this is commonly available food here. Visitors can dine in one of the numerous food joints run by the locals. The food is affordable and delicious for all people to enjoy.

Pulau Ubin: Eco-Tourism and Adventures in Singapore


After a full day of fun and interaction with mother nature, the bumboats are also available for a return journey for the same price of about $2 per person. You can rest assured that the trip to Pulau Ubin is worth taking.