Ragi or raagimudde is a very popular food that is served in some parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Often refferd to as ragimudde or raagi ball is a soft ball prepared using finger millet flour and water. In my days of college in Bangalore, I got to have a lot of south India dishes but nothing more filling and healthy and tasty at the same time.

But I do understand that South Indian cuisine has a large variety but sadly what most of know is only limited up to Idli, Vada and Dosa; Rasam to the max. Honestly before my stay in the Southern part of India I had very less knowledge too. But, after spending 3 years of my life I did learn quite much about the different foods they prepared. And today we are going to be talking more about the common Karnataka dish called Ragimudde.

Ragi Mudde - A South Indian Delicacy You Must Try!

So, coming to the name “Ragimudde”, “Ragi” is finger millet and “mudde” refers to soft balls or lumps prepared using finger millet flour. Some people will add little cooked rice or cream of rice to make the ragimudde making process hassle free. But, in Karnataka style authentic recipe ragi flour (finger millet flour) and water are the only two ingredients in ragi mudde. Optionally you can add little salt. These ragimudde is also called by name “ragisangati” and “ragi kali” in neighbouring states.

Ragi Mudde - A South Indian Delicacy You Must Try!

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The ingredients are very simple and not at all difficult to find for. In fact, these are the most common groceries that are found in every common kitchen. The ingredients comprise of:

  • Ragi/Finger Millet Flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Ghee

Now, ragimudde is often served as sumptuous meal and not as a snack. In fact it is popularly served with a side dish. If one is interested in learning how to make ragimudde with side dish then the internet is filled with tutorials and videos for the recipes.

Ragi Mudde - A South Indian Delicacy You Must Try!

By Akshhara

Ragimudde is traditionally eaten with saaru (predominantly vegetarian, but sometimes also made from meat). Saaru is basically a South Indian soup that is also known as rasam, chaaru or kabir in South India. It is conventionally prepared using juice of tamarind as a base with addition of lots of tomatoes with other seasoning and spices such as chilli pepper, pepper, cumin, etc. making the soup very tangy and spicy opposite of being bland! Steamed lentils can also be added along with vegetables of your preference.

These days all types of grounded powder and various types of masalas are readily available in the market hence making the preparation process a lot much easier.

Ragi Mudde - A South Indian Delicacy You Must Try!

By Vsigamany

Apart from rasam/ saaru, the ragi balls can also be had with simple curd or butter milk. Now, if your mouth has been watering while reading this then you have to try out this south Indian dish immediately and have a lovely meal of ragi mudde with your favourite side dish.