The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua – Where Tranquility Rules

If asked about one of the breathtaking activities you would love to do before you kick the bucket, it has to be avacation at the Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua. Being one of the most acclaimed destinations in terms of eco-friendliness, Nicaragua has been alluring fishing aficionados from every nook and corner of the globe. The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge, as what exactly the name says, takes pride in sustaining the most exclusive ecosystem, and now, it promises to leave you mesmerized with some exceptional fishing tours.

Create Unique Fishing Experiences

Located in San Juan del Norte, a small village in Nicaragua, the Rama Garden Lodge rests just five minutes from Rio Indio, which is known for its spellbinding views. Fishing here in the pristine waters of San Juan will not be any ordinary experience but rather will make you come back for unlocking more fishing adventures again and again. Just like Guapote Fishing, Monster Snooks and Tiger Bass, aiming for the dazzling silver scales of the Tarpon will just make your day.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua - Where Tranquility Rules

Live and Eat Like You Never Had

Accommodation in Rama Garden Fishing Lodge will be equivalent to taking an abode in heaven. With the prime objective to sustain both safety and happiness for our guests, Rama Garden Fishing nicaragua ecolodge has trained guides who are always ready to let you fish in the most unique manner. Choose to stay at any of our seven spacious cabins, each having two king-sized beds. Our rooms are equally airy with two queen-size beds. Dine your heart out at our restaurant serving traditional Caribbean food. Even if you are a crazy sea food lover, our Nicaraguan seafood dishes will leave no question to satiate your taste buds.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua - Where Tranquility Rules

Stay Safe and Happy with our Fishing Guides

All the fishing spots where the guides choose to take you are quite friendly. Just imagine that moment of celebration you will have after preying upon a tarpon while the guides will ensure that you are safe with your fishing gear.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua - Where Tranquility Rules

Sporting Activities with Flora and Fauna at the Caribbean

The best time to visit this eco-friendly fishing lodge is between February and April. Just be ready to get awe-struck while witnessing exotic birds like macaws and toucans during this time. Monkeys, reptiles, and crocodiles, on the other hand, will send you chills down the spine. Tarpon sports fishermen can also have quality time here at the Caribbean beach, indulging into serious combats to grab hold of the Atlantic Tarpon.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua - Where Tranquility Rules

Take our Nature Trails to Get Goosebumps

Apart from catering to those who crave for fishing, the Rama Garden Fishing Lodge also preserves some remarkable tours for nature lovers. The Indio MaĆ­z Biological Reserve will bring a new experience of taking a river tour to Manatee Lagoon. This is where manatees, 12-feet long marine mammals, exist on plant life along the rivers. Harmless and meek, these creatures will allow you take a closer look at them. Believe it or not, you will take pleasure in locking this experience in your mind forever.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge Nicaragua - Where Tranquility Rules

Can you not still hear the softripples of the Caribbean waters? Yes, they are waiting to give your upcoming vacation a new twist. If you are willing to enjoy an inexplicable serenity amidst nature and witness an unseen world of flora and fauna, take a step ahead and bring your loved ones to the Rama Garden Fishing LodgeNicaragua for a dream holiday.

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