The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

Panama has seen tremendous growth during the past 20 years, drawing tourists and expats worldwide. The country’s sense of community, safety, and relaxed way of life are cherished by expats. Not to mention that the affordable cost of living is a significant plus. However, it wouldn’t be fair to Panama to merely declare it a fantastic retirement place. Thanks to various visas and residency permits, people of all ages and stages travel to Panama and start a new life under the warm sun. In short, Panama has it all. But let us examine the biggest perks of living in Panama in more detail. After reading the article, you might want to grab your bags and head to Panama for a live experience.

Lovely weather

Panama has pleasant weather with a breeze from the Ocean and an overall tropical climate. In the mornings, it is around 75°F; in the afternoons, it can be about 86°F. In addition, the rainy season lasts from April to September. During the rainy season, the day often begins with sunshine and might end with torrential rainfall. Yet in this lovely coastal city, you can count on plenty of sunny skies and pleasant weather all year round. Therefore, Panama is an excellent option for people tired of the chilly weather. You won’t need a heating system, but you might want a cooling one.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

Low cost of living

Panama is the best location for a low cost of living and variety. In simple words, you get what you paid for. You may live comfortably in Panama with reasonable access to food, transportation, and a month’s worth of groceries for as little as $1,000. Home renting is affordable in more rural parts of Panama, and the friendly locals are always willing to assist you with anything you need. Panamanians tend to have simple, stable lives. Therefore, your monthly rent in Panama will be your most significant expense. In Panama City, the country’s capital, you may pay up to $1,500 monthly for rent, but in more rural places, you can spend as low as $500 or even less. However, Panama is much more than its lovely weather and low cost of living. So let us explore the biggest perks of living in Panama further.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

High-quality healthcare

Panama has one of South America’s best health systems. Healthcare costs are far lower than in North America, and the quality of care is excellent. Modern medical facilities, equipment, and qualified medical professionals are all available in Panama City. You can also find local clinics in more rural areas, and doctors who frequently visit Panama City hospitals also visit these places. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent hospitals and professionals, you can always find an English-speaking doctor to care for you wherever you are in the country.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

Retirement benefits

For retirees, especially those from foreign countries, Panama has outstanding programs that honor their many years of service. Panama offers a variety of highly efficient retirement options that combine to cut the cost of living and provide savings on human services. For instance, the Panama Pensionado Visa is unique in the world. It enables foreigners to receive a lifelong monthly pension of $1,000 or more to get permanent residency and retire in Panama. However, a couple’s combined pension income is $1250 per month. But, you can now benefit from pension discounts on many of your everyday costs in addition to receiving this permanent residency status. For example, you will have tax exemption for household goods, deals on plane trains, boats, and bus tickets, and better deals at restaurants or fast foods.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

But, if moving to Panama from the US sounds tempting, you should first look for reliable overseas movers to make your international relocation a breeze. With their help, you can enjoy everything Panama offers sooner than expected.

Infrastructure is excellent

There has always been construction and upkeep of new bridges and roadways in Panama. Moreover, you can get decent drinking water from your kitchen tap in most places of Panama, along with dependable and good internet access, strong mobile phone coverage, and good service. However, power outages still occur now and then. Nonetheless, they are becoming less common every year. And most notably, Panama’s network is the best in Latin America.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

Safety is one of the biggest perks of living in Panama

It is safe to live in Panama, particularly in rural areas where Panamanians are friendly and welcoming. Panamanians are not motivated by money and do not resent foreigners, often viewed as having more money. In Panama City, particularly in tourist areas, you can often see armed police officers patrolling. Furthermore, a special tourist police force that can communicate in English with visitors patrols various regions. The most frequent crimes expats should be wary of are muggings and burglaries. However, you may decrease your vulnerability to these crimes with the caution and common sense you normally use in other parts of the world.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

The food is incredible

Plenty of restaurants and fast-foods in Panama provide every type of food any gourmand can dream of. The cuisine of Panama shares many similarities with that of other Central American nations, but it also has its distinctive elements. The cultures that make up this wonderful mixture include Hispanic, African, Indigenous, and Antillian. However, if you want a more profound taste of the local cuisine, you may discover more typical Panamanian food in the countryside. So make sure to visit all the best places in Panama for a complete taste.

The Biggest Perks of Living in Panama

In conclusion

As the biggest perks of living in Panama listed above have shown, this country is an expat paradise. The locals are friendly and welcoming, the language isn’t a barrier, the food is fantastic, and the cost of living is more than decent. Furthermore, you will have a significant expat community to meet and many benefits as a retiree. So don’t think twice about moving to this Latin American gem. We can guarantee you won’t regret it!

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