People decide to move or renovate their houses for a number of reasons. The business reason, growing family, or a lifestyle change are only some of them. However, reaching a decision on whether to move, renovate or rebuild is never an easy one. Major renovations usually require a lot of money and come with additional risks that most certainly can be solved when rebuilding is possible. The next lines present pros for rebuilding and pros for selling your home.

Buying new pros

No need to deal with contractors

When you need to deal with a contractor, it is often a source of stress. The costs of materials, the contractor’s crew, architect and many papers, bills, words you have no idea what they mean and costs that drastically go up if there is an issue while renovating. Let’s not even start with the dirt, the permits, and the fact that you have to find appropriate housing for the next few months.

Rebuilding Your House or Buying a New One? Here is How to Decide

Moving locations

If you have lived in your current location for a longer time, you may have built a friendship with neighbours, got used to the streets and shops. Your children have a stable road to the school which you know very well. However, you can move closer to their school, to a safer neighbourhood, and each of them can have their own rooms. Lastly, moving locations can simply be your wish to choose a house that suits your lifestyle.

Rebuilding Your House or Buying a New One? Here is How to Decide

 Current site restrictions

Your needed renovations might require changes that your local municipality will not allow. Historical sites, or simply restrictions based on the original architect’s plans. Furthermore, you have the land that you have and can’t use more. Thoroughly check local legislation and even ask for professional advice on needed changes, as there can be ways around that you might not know about.

Rebuilding Your House or Buying a New One? Here is How to Decide


Whether you want to upgrade or downgrade the space in your home, you can look for a home built at a later date. Newer appliances and systems will make any additional upgrades easier, as well as the installation of smart house systems. A specific timetable may also make transferring your things to the new home quicker and easier solution.

Rebuilding pros

Exactly what you want

Both buying a new home and renovating can easily have their limitations and be a product of your adjustment, whereas rebuilding your home gives you a clear plate that you can design according to your specific needs and wants. Especially if you live in an old or bad quality home, house demolition can be the solution to get rid of all potential dangers (mildew and asbestos are only some of them).

Rebuilding Your House or Buying a New One? Here is How to Decide

Clear cost

When making a completely new home, once you know what you want and have it planned out, the costs cannot be changed a lot. There are no hidden costs as there are no unknown elements, except weather (also possible to predict) while buying a new home doesn’t mean any hidden costs. Additionally, if you do decide to make some changes at a later date, those should be a part of the contract.

Time frame

As well as cost, the time needed to rebuild is clearly defined, along with the possible deadline breaks along with the reasons for it. A good contractor will give you the project estimation where you could follow the phases of each day. While looking for a home, you would have many costs, like the real estate agent’s fees and stamp duty normally associated with selling your old house.

Rebuilding Your House or Buying a New One? Here is How to Decide

New systems

You’ve certainly realised you might need the update of the plumbing, air vents, kitchen and so much more. Any of these would mean a big scaled renovation project that might last even longer if you have doubts about construction mistakes and outdated, dangerous materials used when building. Rebuilding can offer top-notch results with eco-friendly features, smart and stylish results. Proper insulation, PVC hardware, solar panels, a smart system, or a small greenhouse to grow food in – rebuilding can offer the best solutions in the familiar conditions.

Rebuilding Your House or Buying a New One? Here is How to Decide

Same location but better

Apart from neighbours, shops, and old daily habits that can stay the same, when rebuilding you are still rising your standard. Whether you chose to rebuild for more space, smart additions, or sustainable living, you can be certain what part of your lifestyle needs a change in the existing location. Do not be frightened from the housing issue as it will last shortly and can be carefully considered before including it in the budget while dealing with the legalities, architects, and contractors. Make a decision that will provide you with the most convenient yet lasting solution.