A healthy kitchen leads to a healthy lifestyle. Your kitchen’s ambiance reflects a lot more about your personality. If you have a great kitchen decor, then it will keep you motivated and interested in cooking. If you are bored with that old outlook of your kitchen and want to give it a redo, then you should mainly focus on changing the wall decor of your kitchen. The walls of your place contribute 50 percent to the look. Well decorated walls can keep your mind calm and soothing while working.

Turn your dull walls into some piece of artwork. Put all your creativity in renovating your walls and get them a beautiful outlook. Renovating your kitchen can also give a new definition to your house. The small changes made by you can turn out to be the best outcomes. Flaunt your inner creativity in the best possible way.

Revamp Your Kitchen by These 5 Customized Wall Decors

Do’s And Don’ts

Decorating your kitchen can be tedious. But for getting the best layout, a little patience and care is needed. Every single aspect has to be taken care of for getting your dream kitchen ambience.


  • Choose your pieces wisely.
  • Try to make it simple and sober, rather than making it grumpy.
  • Keep the area clean near the walls.
  • Use neutral colors for wall painting.
  • Try to get in the natural light.


  • Never try to apply everything you have researched.
  • Keep the appliances away from the wall so that they can be appreciated enough.
  • Don’t make the wall clingy by choosing a wrong color contrast.

Revamp Your Kitchen By These 5 Customized Wall Decors

Turn the best out of the waste and remodel your kitchen walls. Convert those boring walls into a masterpiece, and make them the focus of your cooking place. They will invoke new life into your kitchen. Here are some ideas that will help you in renovating your kitchen.

DIY Lover

Use your imagination and creativity and turn out the best out of the waste. Never neglect the used out kitchen materials. Always try exploring new ideas for reusing them. You can use the used wine corks for creating a unique art piece of yours. Your old chopping boards can turn out to be some eye-popping wall decor pieces. Write down quotations or eye-catchy messages about healthy eating lifestyle on them, and hang them on the walls. The wooden pieces will look classy and give a new look to your walls. You can even use the left out pizza boxes and create your own menu chart on the wall. DIY is cost-efficient and will help you redecorating your kitchen even on a tight budget.

Revamp Your Kitchen by These 5 Customized Wall Decors


Plants are the most beautiful creation that can turn a hectic environment into a peaceful one. Using potted plants on your kitchen wall will make them look more adorable and will also give you a calming state of mind. Use old utensils like glasses, bowls, etc. and paint them into some rustic colors. Place plants like Ficus and Boston into them and smell the fresh air. They will both keep the atmosphere clean and give you a soothing and pleasant view. The plant’s wall can turn out to be the new center of attraction of the room.

Revamp Your Kitchen by These 5 Customized Wall Decors

Crockeries Say It All!

We all love utensils of different types and styles. But we can never pay full justice to them. It’s finally time to use those cupboard packed dishes and renovate your kitchen. You can create a cluster of plates of varying sizes on the wall. The different colored utensils will create a mesmerizing effect for all the people. The combination of platters and others can turn out to be a new masterpiece. Put the bigger plate in the center, followed by smaller pieces. You can even place them on the shelves and create a new savage design. Use your imagination and create the best layout out of the dinner sets.

Revamp Your Kitchen by These 5 Customized Wall Decors

Wall Painting

Paint the wall into your desired colors. Create art that will give a bold and new look to your kitchen. You can paint different designs. You can also simply paint the wall with chalkboard black. Write messages for a healthy lifestyle that can inspire others. You can also paint cartoon characters loved by children, which will invoke a healthy eating habit in them. Design the wall according to the theme of your kitchen. It will be a perfect blend of colors and imagination.

Revamp Your Kitchen by These 5 Customized Wall Decors

Picture Gallery

Frames also are a great idea to be implemented. You can put picture frames of your family, vintage dishes, food magazine covers, great chefs, healthy quotes, etc. They will keep you happy and inspired, and will also turn those dingy walls into a stunning one. Create a cluster of photos and place them together in a perfect manner. You can also use custom canvas prints from CanvasPop that will add beauty to your kitchen. A review of CanvasPop can be found here in case you’re planning to buy something.

Revamp Your Kitchen by These 5 Customized Wall Decors


Follow any of the above ideas and you create your masterpiece, that too in a budget. It will revamp your kitchen, and give it a new look.