The thought of spending money on an offsite meeting would have almost been unheard of several years ago. The fact that you could host the same meeting, in your own company offices, and not spend anything would be seen as a major benefit. Now, the tide is changing.

Sure, we’re never going to get to a stage where every minor meeting held in your company is going to involve a trip to an external business event centre. However, for particularly important ones, it can prompt benefits that a lot of businesses are starting to tap into.

The Rise of the Offsite Meeting

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the rise of the offsite meeting and why its popularity is increasing.

The creative factor

In your own office, you know how everything works. You know that the monitor is always missing a HDMI cable, plus all of the other quirks of the room, and you can act accordingly.

When taken outside of this environment, an element of the unpredictable enters the picture. You’ll probably be provided with different technology, as well as a different setting, which can really tap into your creative juices and allow you to present something that’s completely different to what you are used to.

The Rise of the Offsite Meeting

This is something that can benefit everyone and in short, allows all attendees to break out of their usual persona and utilize the space around them.

Nothing beats the face-to-face element of a meeting

There’s no doubt that the various communication programs have allowed meetings to be easier than ever before. Turning up at the office at 9am and entering into a video conference call can do wonders for your time efficiency, but that’s where things stop.

The Rise of the Offsite Meeting

Nothing can quite beat the face-to-face element of a meeting, which is immediately lost if you’re merely using a video conference call. You don’t pick up on the crucial cues, like hand signals or general body language, that can really give an idea on how a meeting is going.

While the video conference might feel productive at the time, many find that they get a lot more out of face-to-face meetings which is why an offsite location is becoming completely in fashion again.

It can boost morale emphatically

In a lot of jobs, it tends to be just the senior management who is able to venture offsite and visit suppliers and other third parties. It means that a lot of people left in the office can feel somewhat stale in their surroundings.

The Rise of the Offsite Meeting

It means that as soon as an offsite location is arranged, there’s an immediate morale boost. Employees feel as though they are being valued and the act of being taken offsite, to a new location, can do wonders for their job satisfaction.

The Rise of the Offsite Meeting

Again, to those people who regularly get to travel with their job, such a “perk” might not be appreciated. For everyone else, it can make all the difference though, and actually bring an element of excitement to their day-to-day job.