If you’re planning on booking a cruise this year, you may have your sights set on a vast, ocean liner. However the cruise industry is changing and travel agents are reporting a noticeable increase in the number of passengers opting to tour some of the world’s most wonderful riverscapes on a river cruise rather than jumping aboard one of their ocean dwelling counterparts.

With European cruises currently topping the popularity charts amongst river cruisers, you can expect to see a lot more bang for your buck onboard a river cruise. Not only is the vessel more intimate (a mere 60-240 passengers in contrast to the thousands you would find on an ocean cruise liner) but the journey is smoother, more luxurious and gives you the opportunity not only to visit numerous towns and cities, but admire the stunning banks in bloom and quaint villages from the comfort of your five star suite – a far cry from never ending ocean views and choppy waters at sea.

River Cruising -  The Facts

Conveniently, river cruises are also able to navigate right through cities and dock in the very heart of your stop off, eliminating transfers. For more information on a river cruise click here for details. Happy sailing!