Planning a tour to explore the rich flora and fauna of the country, interspersed in various National Parks and Sanctuaries is quite easy, but preparing for the same needs a little thought and planning. Proper planning and organizing things can help backpackers to enjoy the trip without any stress. Packing is not as easy as it seems, more so if you are planning to go for a backpacking trip on India Wildlife Tour. This is because, it is very difficult to anticipate what surprise awaits you. Travel packing needs to be done in a systematic manner and one must not let his or her over imagination run wild.

Exploring National Parks is quite an interesting and stimulating activity, especially for wildlife enthusiasts. Most of the Natural Parks of India are located in the remotest but at the same time, most scenic parts of the country. Going for this tour is certainly going to be an amazing experience and it can be made more memorable when you plan for the same in a precise manner. Many times, lack of knowledge or experience can spoil the entire trip. To do away with any such problems, following  tips for backpacking wildlife tourists can be of great help-

1.Sunscreen lotions and Sunglasses

When going for wildlife holidays, it is very important to keep good quality Sunscreen Lotion (preferably SPF 50) and glares as these will help you to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the scorching heat of the Sun. Usually, such tours are taken in the day time and at this time, the harshness of sunlight is at its peak, if no precautions are taken it can prove to be quite harmful to the eyes and skin.

Tips for Backpackers Going on India Wildlife Tours

2.Sleeping Bag

This is one of the most important items that one must never forget when going on a backpacking trip. Sleeping bags are quite convenient to use as they can be laid anywhere and a person can rest or relax after a long and tiring day exploring the jungle and indulging in activities like trekking. Carrying a mosquito net and a small blanket is also a great idea as it offers a little comfort to the backpacker.

3.Waterproof Covers, Mobile chargers and compass

These days, people cannot do without their mobile phones, they need to stay connected with their friends and family at all times. Thus, it is very important to pack mobile chargers along with a waterproof cover for them to safeguard it from water and other weather conditions. A simple compass is also important as it will give you a sense of direction, in case you get lost in the thick jungles.

Tips for Backpackers Going on India Wildlife Tours


One must not forget to carry shampoos, soaps, wipes, toilet paper and detergents in the bag. This is because, many times, as part of the wildlife tour, people may have to go to remote places where there is very difficult to find basic facilities and amenities, necessary for comfortable living. You can also carry sanitizers to ensure germ free hands whenever having lunch or dinner, in case soap and water is not available.

5.Extra Clothes and socks

It is also recommended to carry some additional clothes and clean pairs of socks in case there is a sudden downpour. It may also prove to be beneficial if the weather is too humid. An extra pair of socks, undergarments, shirts, shorts, and gloves may prove to be of great help. This way there will be no need to wash clothes every now and then.

Tips for Backpackers Going on India Wildlife Tours

6.Waterproof Clothing

Usually, wildlife tours are organized during the Monsoon or the Rainy season as during this time, the forest is quite lovely and one can enjoy the trip more. Thus, it is important to carry sufficient waterproof clothing and raincoats. Carrying umbrellas and hats is also a good idea. You may not realise it now, but when you have to face sudden, lashing rain, you will be happy with your decision to carry such waterproof clothing.

Tips for Backpackers Going on India Wildlife Tours

7.Mosquito repellents

In jungles, it is very difficult to avoid the problem of mosquito bites. Carrying high quality mosquito repellents can save you from a lot of diseases like Chikungunya, malaria and more. These are quite nasty diseases, thus it is always better to be on the safer side.


While exploring thick forests, it is important to stay hydrated. Thus, carrying drinking water is another must have item with you when enjoying wildlife tours. Since these tours are generally organized during daytime and a person need to do a lot of walking, it is important that he or she stays hydrated. Many times, tourists visit such remote places where drinking water is not available. Thus, carrying water as well as some light snacks, that do not get stale or rot easily must be carried.

Tips for Backpackers Going on India Wildlife Tours

9.Swiss Army Knife

This is quite an essential and handy gadget that comes to a great use in cutting objects, fixing tents and also in case of any emergency or danger.

10.Torch and batteries

It is very important to carry a torch along with spare batteries while exploring thick forests. These forests are so dense that the torches may be required even during the day time.

People love to visit the National Parks of India as they are one of the greatest assets of the country and the entire trip can offer an exhilarating experience, provided the above tips are followed.