The western part of the United States has many areas that are ideal for wilderness adventures. In addition to hiking and biking, there are several unique ways to experience the splendor of nature while immersing yourself in new experiences. Here are four unique ways to explore nature in the West.


If you want to see the world from above, taking a paragliding adventure can be the perfect activity. Similar to hang gliding, paragliding involves using a lightweight, free-flying glider aircraft to soar through the air. Some companies that offer guided paragliding tours provide all the equipment that you need along with safety equipment to minimize the risk of danger. Your tour will also include instructions from an experienced instructor so that you’ll know how to operate your paragliding aircraft properly.

Rocky Mountain Ride: 4 Unique Ways to Explore Nature in the West

All-Terrain Vehicle Riding

An all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, can take you across rugged lands that are sometimes difficult to access on foot or with other types of vehicles. Four-wheel ATVs are among the most common types of these vehicles, but you can also find ones with three wheels. Some ATVs only have enough room for single riders while others can fit multiple riders. If you don’t own an ATV, you can find plenty of great deals on outdoor ATV jeep rentals that will allow you to drive across rocky mountainous surfaces and snowy landscapes as well as through shallow waterways with ease.

Rocky Mountain Ride: 4 Unique Ways to Explore Nature in the West


Kayaks are paddleboats that can be used to navigate through many bodies of water. Whether you want to explore a lake, a river or the coastal waters, a kayak can be the perfect watercraft. Many kayaks are even built to travel easily through rushing rapids if you want to go on a daring adventure. The different types of kayaks include touring, sea and surf.

Rocky Mountain Ride: 4 Unique Ways to Explore Nature in the West

Sled Dog Tour

If you care to explore nature in the coldest days of winter, a sled dog tour can offer you a unique way to get around. You’ll ride in a sled that’s hauled by a team of trained huskies or other dogs that adapt well to cold and snowy conditions. Alaska is one of the most popular destinations for sled dog tours, but you can also find these types of tours in certain parts of Colorado, Utah and Montana.

Rocky Mountain Ride: 4 Unique Ways to Explore Nature in the West

Exploring the wilderness of the West in a unique way will likely give you a greater appreciation of the natural environment that’s found in this part of the country. These one-of-a-kind tours can offer something special for everyone.