It is important for keen travelers to preserve memories of their trip. There are different ways of doing it. Some people create online albums to remember their travels. Some people print out their favorite photos and display them in their home. Others keep a travel journal or make a memory box. One creative way of showcasing the different places that you have visited is by displaying a scratch-off travel map in a prominent place in your home such as your living room, home office, or bedroom. This is a perfect way to showcase the places that you have visited and a great reminder of your travels. It is also a fun way to share your travel stories to friends and family members.

With a scratch-off map of the world, you use a special guitar pick scratcher to scratch off the gold foil whenever you visit a place. This guitar pick scratcher is part of the package. After scratching it off, it reveals a colorful map of a specific country. You can also place stickers that show popular landmarks and animals unique to the place. There are also activity and transportation stickers. There are also small blank stickers where you can leave notes. This great scratch off map has a detailed cartography, outlines of states and countries, and flags of 138 countries.

Showcasing the Places You Visited with a Scratch-Off Travel Map

The world poster has a dark background that beautifully shows off the colorful map of countries. It has dimensions of 17 x 24 inches and since it is printed on extra thick laminated paper, it is quite sturdy. You can put this poster up on your wall and scratch off each country and attach stickers when you’re done visiting them. You can also use this travel map to plan your next adventure.

This guaranteed conversation piece can be put up as decoration on your living room, bedroom, or home office. You can also use it as an educational poster to teach kids about different countries around the world. They will have a hands-on learning experience as they scratch the countries on the map and their corresponding flags.

Showcasing the Places You Visited with a Scratch-Off Travel Map

If you have friends or loved ones who love to travel, you can give this to them as a gift. Travel enthusiasts will love this scratch off map. It is specially paced in a premium gift box with a gift tag.

All-in-all, this highly-rated scratch off map is a must-have product for travelers.