If you are bored with the look of your office, there are a number of ideas out there that can give your office a cozy, trendy look and add a bit of sparkle and color. After all, you’re working longer hours than ever before so it makes sense that you want it to be cozy. Artworks, lights, plants and a clever choice of office furniture can all work together to give off a certain message and reveal a little bit about yourself.

You want to make sure that the way you decorate your office will also have a positive effect on yourself and the clients who come into it. Then again, you don’t want it to be so comfy that all you want to do is relax! Getting cozy in your office is the ultimate way to survive long hours in the office, and these easy ideas for your work set-up will make the hours spent there totally worthwhile.

Bring in the Plants!

Why not allow plants to lift your spirits? Bring natural elements into your office space. After all you love working in your garden and tending to your plants, and now you can do it in your office. There are a number of easy-to-care-for house plants that don’t require constant monitoring to thrive. Some of them are Pothos, Spider Plant, and Peace Lily.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

Add a Cozy Rug or Mat

Introduce a stylish woven rug under your desk or a larger one which can take up your entire office floor. The color and style you choose can set a mood. There are also practical office chair mats that will protect your hardwood or carpeted floors while adding a touch of style at the same time.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

It’s your chance to steer away from formal rugs and go with rugs that have zingy colors and patterns – anything that gladdens your heart when you walk into your office. An eye-catching, brightly colored rug is the perfect way to enhance a plain room, and your mood.

Bright Cushions and Drapes for a Bland Couch

Why not steer away from traditional browns, greys and creams in your office and choose a clash of arty colors which can create a wonderful ‘at-home’ effect? If you want to update your office, changing the way your bland couch looks is one of the easiest ways to add character and warmth to your office.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

The mix-and-match colors found in your cushions and casually draped blanket can inject interest to the plain couch you have in the corner.

Soft lighting from Lanterns

It could be that you have a harsh overhead light in your office. There is no need to remove it. Rather set a more cozy mood in your office by introducing some beautiful lanterns in attractive shades. They’re key to creating a cozy atmosphere in your office.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

Furniture that Captures the Essence of Coziness

If you’re due for an office makeover, and you’ve got traditional, formal-looking office furniture, get a new desk and office chair that are designed in such a way that you love using them. One or two trendy office chairs in vibrant colors can introduce a bright style into your office space. The right furniture and its arrangement makes your office comfy and cozy and conducive to enjoyable working hours.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

Soothing Artwork

Choose soothing pieces of art. Scientific evidence tells us that art has an impact on emotions and it is capable of changing a person’s outlook. If somebody presented you with a painting made up of a few agitated-looking lines, it probably will raise your blood pressure every time you look at it. If it’s the sea that moves you, why not bring the seaside indoors with a scenic picture of the sea? Maybe you can even display some favorite holiday photographs in weathered-wood frames.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

Trendy Coffee Machine

Drinking hot chocolate or coffee at home is a trend that can be brought into the office too. This is especially true if you have an attractive kettle or coffee making machine at home that is just gathering dust in the kitchen corner.

Simple Ways to Make an Office Feel More Cozy

If not, there are plenty of great coffee makers available on the market and which will look perfect in your office. Place it on a tray and buy attractive bottles to fill up with coffee, sugar and rusks. It just looks sociable and inviting for both you and any clients visiting your office.

Summing Up

You may be disheartened at entering your office and maybe each Monday you actually have to wait a few minutes after entering for your blue Monday mood to pass.

It’s time to get cracking with some positive action in your office, especially since you know you need to spend the next 8 hours there. With just a few small alterations here and a change there you can create an office with items that cater to your individual needs and desires.

As well as working in an environment exactly as you like it, your office can be used to great aesthetic effect, attracting more clients who you find are spending more time there than they really should.