There are many places you can take an exciting trip to see some breathtaking sights. One location you probably have not considered is Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, “the Mini Apple,” as some people refer to it as, has many great surprises waiting to be discovered. In regards to the larger cities of the Midwest, Minneapolis is a hidden gem that can provide you with endless sightseeing and entertainment options.

The Guthrie Theater

For the past 50 years, the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis has brought numerous great local talents to the stage. While not as famous or big budgeted as Broadway, the Minneapolis acting scene benefited from a lack of commercialism that allowed it to take more chances and put on more art isticand story centered shows. A new building for the Guthrie Theater was completed in 2006, and it is truly a spectacular design reflective of the performances that take place inside.

5 Stunning Sites to Visit in Minneapolis

The Science Museum of Minnesota

If you are seeking knowledge in addition to amazing things to look at, one must-do in Minneapolis is the city’s own science museum. The Science Museum of Minnesota includes some amazing exhibits ranging from ancient Native American artifacts to towering dinosaur skeletons. The museum also holds the Omnitheater with its breathtaking dome-style 90 foot movie screen.

5 Stunning Sites to Visit in Minneapolis

McGhiever [CC BY-SA 4.0]

The Foodie Scene

If you love to eat and have a discerning palate, Minneapolis is one great food city you have to explore with your taste buds. This includes Minneapolis classics like the gooey cheese-filled Juicy Lucy hamburger. It includes a thriving soul food scene. It includes numerous food trucks and upscale options like the Butcher and the Boar and Capital Grill. There are also many great ethnic options including Leann Chin, a cutting edge Chinese restaurant.

5 Stunning Sites to Visit in Minneapolis

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Target Field

If you love sports, the number one stop in Minneapolis for you should be Target Field, the home of the Twins. This is one of the newest baseball stadiums in the United States having just opened in 2010. Its miraculous architecture is complimented by its dedication to authenticity with its classic open air field with real grass.

5 Stunning Sites to Visit in Minneapolis

Mill City Museum

Another museum you must absolutely visit while in Minneapolis is the Mill City Museum. This is a one of a kind museum that exists nowhere else in the world thanks to the fact it was created from the almost gothic ruins of what was once the largest flour mill in the world. There’s much to learn about America’s flour industry, but the real attraction here is the ability to safely explore the industrial brick and concrete ruins of a huge shuttered mill.

5 Stunning Sites to Visit in Minneapolis

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There’s much to discover in Minneapolis as a tourist or even a resident that has yet to see all the town has to offer. These five options are only a starting point. There is much more to see thanks to Minneapolis’s rich history as a center of culture and industry in the Midwest.