Slide For In-Ground Pool – Factors To Consider

Accessories for the swimming pool are the ideal way to add excitement and entertainment for the whole family. Kids and adults have the most fun at waterparks, and you can bring that fun to your backyard with swimming pool slides. When creating your in-ground plan, it’s ideal to figure in this accessory so the contractors can place it with the pool installation.

Slide For In-Ground Pool

In the not so distant past, a backyard pool slide, also known as “runway,” were made of fiberglass material with a metal ladder attached. There were no fun twists or turns and no tunnel taking you to the bottom. It was merely a straight shot to the water. That has all evolved into what are updated options of colors, shapes, sizes, and better material.

Slide For In-Ground Pool - Factors To Consider

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Manufacturers have become focused not only on the comfort of the users but, most importantly, improvements in safety features. Some of the models are designed to carry weights sufficient for adult users. The accessory has become much more durable to withstand the abuse, making them much safer than they have been in previous times.

  • Runway: The “flume” is a designation for the path that a person travels when going down into the water. When choosing the dimensions of the flume and how its navigation, these will ultimately determine the ride’s “fun factor” and the level of “adventure” for the glide – the greater the length, the wilder the shape inclusive of dips, turns, and twists, the more excited the rider.
  • Variety Of Heights: In each backyard and individual families, there are unique sets of needs. A family with older children (and the adults) will want a more elaborate design with more intricate detail and perhaps a taller model. These generally have the longest “flume” with more curving and possibly twists. For smaller kids, a shorter design is the ideal option.

Slide For In-Ground Pool - Factors To Consider

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The individual’s weight, the length, height, and the shape of the “flume” influences the rate of speed and the level of intensity for the course. It’s essential to pay attention to safety standards regarding depths of the water to slide heights for safe use.

  • Size Of Footprint: The space taken up on the deck from the pool slide is referred to as the “footprint.” Curved “flume” options will take up considerably more area than the corkscrew version with a comparative height. Curved compact options, however, will also use a great deal of space more so than other models simply because of the expanded shape.

Overall, you can expect that a slide with a “flume” of significant length will have a substantial footprint. Corkscrews, as a general rule, will be minimal because of the spiral shape despite how long they are.

Slide For In-Ground Pool - Factors To Consider

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A quality manufacturer will advise proper installation directives, including the minimum amount of square footage needed.

The CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States has made it, so quality manufacturers are providing modern slides that are safer than before. The standards are stringent for these manufacturers in order for them to meet the top-rated safety goals.

Slide For In-Ground Pool - Factors To Consider

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As a result, depending on the model you choose, there are enhanced safety features to include deeper “flumes”/higher walls, steps with non-slip treads rather than a metal ladder separately attached, handrails using material like that of the structure.

Slide For In-Ground Pool - Factors To Consider

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It’s wise to select your accessories and have them installed when the pool is being designed and installed or remodeled. If you’re working with reputable professional pool experts, the options you see will all meet CPSC guidelines from quality manufacturers. These experts consider each technical variable, so protocols are met for installation, including minimum depths for slide and placement of the accessory.

Final Thoughts

For pool slides, the primary consideration is safety. Great strides have been taken in the industry to make sure the equipment is durable, comfortable, and safer than it’s ever been.

It’s wise to avoid buying pre-used equipment that doesn’t meet these standards, and never attempt to place a playground sliding board anywhere near your swimming pool. It might seem obvious, but people genuinely inquire. As always, first and foremost, are safe children.

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