Researching a city you would like to visit is essential for planning a trip. There are many things about a destination that you can find out just by going online.

What language is spoken at the destination? Are locals friendly with foreigners? Is it safe to walk around the city at night? How will the weather be like at the time I’m traveling? How much money should I take with me? Which is the local currency? Is it better to buy local currency before leaving? Those are some of the doubts you may have if you plan a trip. Being able to answer them is an excellent way of anticipating events and getting a wonderful experience abroad.

If you are planning to visit Barcelona, in this article, you will find basic information about the Catalonian capital that will for sure be helpful before boarding the plane.

The languages in Barcelona

Even though Barcelona is a part of Spain, the Catalan language is spoken among its territory. In fact, in Barcelona, Spanish and Catalan are co-official languages that have coexisted long ago.

Most of the Barcelonians are Spanish natives since the language is very much present in everyday life. Furthermore, there are many schools in which you can learn Spanish Barcelona. You can get Spanish lessons while in Barcelona and get the best of your trip by improving your Spanish skills through an immersive experience. At you can find helpful information about Spanish language school in Barcelona.

Some basic things you should know about Barcelona

Even though Catalan is an essential language for the identity of Catalonia inhabitants, it’s perfectly reasonable to interact with locals by using Spanish. Barcelonians are very used to tourism and use Spanish to interact with visitors and residents who don’t use the Catalan language.

Climate info

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, meaning summers are dry and winters wet. Most people agree that Barcelona has pleasant weather that allows outside all year round. That is why many tourists visit the city even during the cold months.

Some basic things you should know about Barcelona

On the one hand, winters are very mild, with minimum temperatures of 40º F and maximum temperatures reaching 55,4º F. If you are planning to visit Barcelona during winter, beware of the Gota Fría phenomenon in which heavy rain occurs due to a sudden fall of temperature.

On the other hand, summers are hot but not so much. Maximum temperatures are 84º F and minimum temperatures of 73º F. Even though it can get warm during the day, it gets more relaxed at night, allowing a good rest. As we said before, since summers are dry, it doesn’t rain much during that season, so that you won’t need an umbrella.

Prices in Barcelona

Compared with other European cities, Barcelona is not expensive at all. It’s cheaper than Amsterdam, Zurich or Vienna, but more expensive than smaller towns in Spain.

Barcelona’s prices are similar to Madrid or Bilbao. Planning will make things even cheaper since you can book your accommodation and plane tickets at a more nominal cost.

Some basic things you should know about Barcelona

Even though you can easily walk through most of Barcelona’s hotspots, public transportation is relatively cheap. A Metro ticket is U$S 2.50, and 10 tickets are U$S 11.50. Taxis are approximately U$S 30 for 15 kilometers.

Entrances fee at main attractions in Barcelona has a similar price than in more expensive cities of Europe. For example, the entrance fee to the Sagrada Familia is U$S 17, a number that is no different from the costs of Amsterdam attractions.

More information for visitors

Aside from the fundamental data about language, weather and prices, there are some handy tips that you will appreciate while visiting Barcelona.

  1. Even though Barcelona has a long beach near the city’s center, it’s not legal to walk around the city wearing just a bikini. Fines are about U$S 150, so get dressed as soon as you leave the beachfront to avoid being penalized.
  2. Nightlife in Barcelona starts after midnight or even later. This can be difficult for people from cultures to eat dinner at 5 pm and go to bed early. Locals have dinner at around 9 pm in Spain, and nightclubs won’t open until midnight. So, if you are looking for a night out, remember not to start too early, or you will be the first to arrive at the club if it’s open.
  3. There are many beaches in Barcelona that worst going to for a sunbath or a swim. The ones near the center are not the most hygienic or peaceful ones, even though they may look attractive for a stroll. Going to beaches such as Bogatell, Ocata Beach, and Mar Bella is a must if you are a beach lover and appreciate some calm and clean sand.
  4. Although touristic spots are great fun, there is a lot to see by going just off the main drag. Take some time to visit neighborhoods that are not known by visitors and eat at restaurants in the suburbs, where you will taste authentic local dishes at a lower cost.
  5. Barcelona is a very safe city to walk around. Anyhow, it is essential to beware of pickpockets, mainly when you are standing out as a tourist who doesn’t quite understand the city’s rules.
  6. Taxis are comfortable but very expensive. This is a common thing among big metropolises. Fortunately, Barcelona has an excellent public transportation network that will take you anywhere for a much more accessible price. Download the Metro map and get used to it because it provides an excellent service with stations almost everywhere.

Some basic things you should know about Barcelona

To conclude, Barcelona is a great place to visit. That is why it is a touristic success, with approximately 32 million visitors arriving at the city by year. Many people choose to learn Spanish while visiting Barcelona. In contrast, others prefer to spend time at the many beaches it offers, or the city center, which is packed with unforgettable attractions. Whichever is your case, taking some time to plan your trip is an excellent way of making the most of it.