Summer has already arrived with a full swing, and updating your home interiors here in Switzerland would be a great motivation. There are various ways to overhaul the look of your home. For example, you can replace the old and heavy drapes with sheer drapes, add flowers in nook and corners of the house or paint the house with yellow colour or bright paints.

Here, are few tricks and tips on how to make your home spring and summer-friendly:

1. Add a Yellow Shade to Your Kitchen

You can transform the look of the kitchen with a yellow backsplash that resembles the sunny outdoors. This wallpaper will create a tile effect and will look similar to conventional tiles without additional budget. This vibrant and colourful wallpaper will go well with wooden cabinets and white paint. In case your kitchen cabinets are red, you can go for white wallpaper to create a subtle look. For interior design help, you can turn to Upscale Interiors AG.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Blick Design

2. Say Goodbye to Heavy Drapes

This summer, welcome sheer drapes at home. These drapes serve dual purposes; they help filter the bright light from outside and help in ventilation. White sheer curtains look beautiful and provide a soothing effect to the eyes. You can change the look of the living room by adding sheer white curtains to the home and add furnishings in contrasting shade.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Ellerman Homes

3. Add a Colourful Rug to the Living Area

Adding a colourful rug to the living room will make it look balanced and vibrant. There are various shades that you can opt for like, magenta, orange, and turquoise. All these colours are striking and will add a visual appeal to the room while also changing the room’s look.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Watermark & Company

4. Adding Bamboo inside the Home

According to Feng Shui experts, installing bamboo inside the home enhances good luck and overall well-being. Bamboo décor offers a healing effect and helps to ward off the negativity. There are several ways to add bamboo décor to your home:

  • Bamboo Furniture-Bamboo chairs inside or outside the home will lend a summer vibe to your home. Be it a bamboo chair or a stool; bamboo furniture is easy to carry and reposition. In case you are planning to transform the look of the balcony, opt for bamboo ottomans or poufs to create a leisurely effect.
  • Bamboo Lampshades- These lampshades are highly suitable for night lighting. The light emits an aura that offers comfort to the owner.
  • Bamboo Curtains- It is a new trend that is catching in. These curtains secure the privacy of the home and yet not darken the look of the house.
  • Bamboo Flooring- You can transform the look of the home by adding bamboo flooring. It is durable and is one of the best hardwood available in the market.
  • Use Bamboo as Accessories-You can use bamboo with a twist like add bamboo trays, mirrors, storage baskets and sideboards.
  • Bamboo Plants- If no one of the decoration trends inspires you, add bamboo plants inside the home. The bamboo plants emit tranquility and absorb negative energies from home, thus making the environment friendly and harmonious.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Peter Brotherton Architect, PC

5. Add Glitter Effect to the Home

To create a vibrant look, you can add sequins and bright interiors. The sequins will make your home interior look bright and beautiful. It will make the living room or bedroom look merrier and summer-friendly.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Hotel Collection

6. Brighten Up the Look of the Home by Replacing the Old Lights

Pick a few lights that match with the shade of the house. It will add to the aesthetic look and add a new dimension to the home’s personality. Take interior design help from Upscale, if you are hesitant to add this décor element to your home.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Architectural Alliance Inc.

7. Add Marble inside the Home

For decades, marble has been used in homes, as it creates a cooling effect. So, this summer welcome marble accessories in the house like:

  • Natural Marble Coasters- these marble coasters are perfect for holding tea, bottles, and much more.
  • Marble Cheese Board- this beautifully crafted marble cheese board will make your kitchen feel noticed.
  • Marble Vase- You can add marble planters to the home to enhance the garden’s quality. These planters can hold different shapes and varieties of plants with ease. Mix different plant sizes and height to create a visual appeal. In case you don’t wish to display marble planters, you can buy miniature planter and keep it beside your work-desk for a refreshing look.
  • Marble Table- You can combine the classic wooden chestnut table with a marble finish. It will be a perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. The white tabletop will lend a soothing effect and serve as a storage space for your knick-knacks.

Spring and Summer Home Decoration Trends 2020

Photo by Lindsay Pincus Design

All these tips and tricks will add summer and spring-friendly vibe to your home and instantly uplift your mood.