Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Most people believe that traveling is an activity to find yourself or your purpose, but it really isn’t. Travelling is more than just an enjoyable activity; it is also a journey of the self.

You are not lost, you just need to create a version of yourself that you feel most fulfilled with. It brings us to the purpose of this article on the topic of caregivers in-home care in Calgary and how they could travel while still at peace about the well-being of their loved ones. However, not everyone finds this aspect of creating themselves that simple, and so they embark on a journey to find themselves instead.

It is a truth that some have it simple since they know who they want to be in life. There is this clarity and confidence in knowing what you want out of life and how you want to give back to the world. Even when things get difficult, the only light that encourages you is that dream that is so clearly imprinted in your brain.

Supporting Family Caregivers: Finding Peace of Mind During Travel

A perfect example is professional family caregivers whose jobs make them superheroes in their own way. These people are not just your everyday normal people who assist other people; they have pursued a career out of helping others. It is becoming more common to have a professional family caregiver from home care Calgary who are certified and confident in their skills be hired for different purposes.

The Six Worker Profiles And Which One Fits into A Family Caregiver Description

A deeper insight into this would be why some people choose career paths that help people directly, especially in the medical field. Bain & Company embarked on a project to discover the different types of workers worldwide.

This proved to be a success when they released over 20, 000 polls to be answered, and they came back with valuable results. They discovered six types of worker profiles, which are listed below:

  1. Operators – They are more focused on teamwork than anything else while tending to value predictability and consistency.
  2. Pioneers – Their end goal is to bring about change because they have strong opinions about how things are meant to be.
  3. Givers – They feel fulfilled in roles that directly improve the lives of others.
  4. Strivers – Pay, status, and the desire to build a name are what drive them each day.
  5. Artisans – They rather prefer work that inspires them daily because of their need for expertise.
  6. Explorers – Work for them should be diverse and filled with excitement, as they value their freedom, flexibility, and new experiences.

Supporting Family Caregivers: Finding Peace of Mind During Travel

Professional caregivers or home care providers definitely fall under the category of the giver’s profile. People who are givers are cautious and prefer planning, but they also showcase an impressive show of teamwork.

Ways Family Caregivers Can Find Peace during Travel and Be Supported

It is a noble responsibility to be a family caregiver but it can be truly emotionally and physically draining because of the long-term care, hence the need to travel to rejuvenate their energy.

However, this seems mostly impossible because they are worried about how their loved ones would cope without them. In this article, there will be an extensive exploration of the strategies that can help family caregivers find peace during their travels.

  • Build a genuine support system
  • Draft out, plan, and document care instructions
  • Hire temporary caregivers
  • Nurture open and consistent communication
  • Acknowledge your travel as important

Supporting Family Caregivers: Finding Peace of Mind During Travel

Build a Genuine Support System

It is necessary to have a strong and genuine support system as a caregiver because of unforeseen moments. A support system consists of family members, neighbors, or friends who can take care of your loved one while you are out traveling.

It is important to ensure that they have the itinerary and full documents that contain extensive explanations of how care should be given. This strategy automatically assures you, because you know your loved one is in the safe hands of the people you trust.

Draft, Plan, and Document Care Instructions

This is a rather crucial step. It is advisable to have drafted out, planned, and documented the right care instructions for your loved one, a week or two before you travel. Be sure to include essential information such as any specific allergies, medication schedules, and emergency contacts.

Supporting Family Caregivers: Finding Peace of Mind During Travel

In a wonderful way, this makes it easier for the temporary caregiver for your loved one to understand their needs and know what to expect at least 80% of the time. You can also work together with the temporary caregiver as your personal care assistant before you travel. This way, you can introduce your loved one to the person and also give the person a sense of what to expect and how things should be done.

Hire Temporary Caregivers

Research respite care options such as in-home care, home care for the elderly, and others. These respite care options are designed to allow family caregivers to take short-term breaks to rejuvenate their energy.

Although these services can truly provide professional care for your loved one, it is important to ensure that they meet your requirements. It is advisable to take out time to search for the perfect fit for both you and your loved one.

Supporting Family Caregivers: Finding Peace of Mind During Travel

Nurture Open and Consistent Communication

Not only is it safer, but it is also necessary to keep communication lines open and consistent. This is to ensure that your loved one is getting exactly the care you expected them to receive.

Apart from that, anxiety and worry for your loved one would be eased through constant communication. It also makes the temporary caregiver free enough to comfortably reach out to you for anything.

Acknowledge That Your Travel is Important

You have to admit to yourself before the guilt of leaving your loved one in the care of another starts creeping in, that you also need this travel because your well-being is crucial to being an effective caregiver. Take note to relax, breathe and participate in stressless activities

Supporting Family Caregivers: Finding Peace of Mind During Travel

It is a time to gather your low energies and fill them to the brim in order to be able to joyfully give them out. By prioritizing your well-being, you can go back to your caregiving responsibilities with a clearer mind, light heart, and renewed strength.


Traveling as a family caregiver can be an almost impossible task but it has to be done and can be done with the right steps. Peace of mind is crucial to all humans but even more crucial for people with professions as givers. Always remember that taking care of yourself doesn’t mean selfishness but it means you want the best for your loved ones too by renewing the strength to take care of them.