Mallorca is an island that offers quite a range in terms of houses and other properties. Being an international island, he has aimed popularity, and most people seek to purchase either holiday homes or permanent residences. The island also has some beautiful places to buy property to cater for your preferences and needs. From luxurious places to country houses and living among the locals called the grand fiancas to function farms. When considering buying places in Mallorca, real estate agents will take you through different portfolios of different places to help you decide the best place that suits your preferences. Also, investing in Mallorca will give you a high income, especially when you get to the hotspot places where you can invest.

Listed below are some of the best places you can buy property in Mallorca.


Bendinat is a luxurious area located southwest of Palma Mallorca. This area serves you with great tranquillity and peace. It is one of the few places not crowded by tourism, with only 500 inhabitants in the area. Therefore, if you are looking for a peaceful, quiet and secluded spot away from the urban buzz and the outside world, bendinant is the place. This place provides you with exclusivity; you will need no more.

The best places to buy property in Mallorca

Additionally, Bendinat properties offer terrific and beautiful views of the mountains and ocean. They give a spectacular view of Serra de na Bruguera and the bay of Palma. Moreover, the bendinant properties offer luxurious and spacious properties with an exquisite finish. Additionally, areas like the old bendinant offer gated villas that are luxurious with a garden and pool. Hence are suitable for families or permanent residences.

Son Vida

This is one of the most expensive places in Palma. The place screams elegance and luxury, and peace. I am surrounded by incredible and 5-star hotels, golf courses, and huge mansions contributed to its popularity. The area is suitable for people with families due to the greenery space, and it is close to the city. Moreover, Son Vida gives a beautiful view of the Palma ay. Also, the security around the area and anonymity is top-notch, providing its residents with safety. Son Vida is said o attract the wealthy and most international families due to its high security in the area.

The best places to buy property in Mallorca


Calatrava is one of the most famous residential areas. It provides a rustic feeling with vintage and historical buildings. It’s one of the places one would want to live if they prefer a vintage feel. There are no modern houses in this area, and it is purely exclusive. Therefore, for anyone looking for exclusive places with upscale hotels and cosy cafes, Calatrava is the place to be. Also, they have romantic alleys.

The best places to buy property in Mallorca

Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx is a city with vibrant nightlife. It is located on the southwest coast. Mostly the own is famous for its sailing culture. People who love sailing should consider Puerto Andratx. This town, apart from the sailing culture, is also known for its fresh fish market. If you love fresh fish, then people or considering residence in these areas will often get fresh fish.

The best places to buy property in Mallorca

Moreover this city ranges more on the modern life with luxurious and contemporary houses. Also, prices range with how interior the property is from the town. Finally, this town is a slow-moving people and is suitable for people wanting to get away from the daily buzzle and the fast-moving life of most cities. Therefore Puerto Andratx is a fantastic place to buy a property with the above factors in consideration.

Palma de Mallorca

This is one of the best places to buy property in Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca has been labelled as one of the best places to live in the world. This is due to the beautiful coastline, amenities, luxurious apartments, among others. It carries religious roots with spiritual history. Also, it is very close to the airport, thus making it a close place to settle into to enjoy Mallorca. The city is abundant in different hotels and eateries, both luxurious and elegant, and they meet international standards. Therefore it is a vibrant city with various activities.

The best places to buy property in Mallorca

In conclusion, Mallorca has a beautiful and different place to buy property from, to mention but a few. Therefore one needs to conduct thorough research before deciding on the spot to buy property. They should ensure they meet personal tastes and needs while meeting your life long term goals.