Gardens are indeed a real boon. They are a way to reconnect to nature, a place where together with plants, our capability of empathy and love grows, and our hearts find peace and shelter from the polluted and stressful world we live in.

If you are one of those who happen not to have a garden of one’s own, then now is the best time to make one for yourself. The more so because there is a brilliant, eco-friendly way to make an awesome oasis of peace right in front of your house.

In that way, make sure you check out this list of the different kinds of vegetables you can plant in a wooden pallet!

First things first: Know your possibilities

Planting vegetables in a wooden pallet is really something you will keep in good memories. It is an extremely cost-effective and creative way to make a perfect small peaceful garden bed. However, there are certain things you should get acquainted with before you start. In that way, make sure you take proper advice on and grow a beautiful garden bed. For instance, you should know that you can’t really plant any vegetable you want.

The Many Kinds of Vegetables You Can Plant in a Wooden Pallet

To give an illustration of it, you can’t plant onions on carrots because they have long roots and this is not ideal for a pallet given the fact it has a rather shallow soil room. In this way, you should rather focus on those with short roots, such as lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, but some herbs may go as well. These are perfect for this occasion because they suit the pallet well. Not only that, these vegetables are extremely useful and look very cute, which can thus serve even a decorative purpose. On the other hand, they can be used with a great variety of foods and make them taste more natural and delightful!


Lettuce is very easy to grow and can be eaten as a supplement with many kinds of food. Due to the fact it is generally much loved and frequently eaten, you may consider the possibility of planting it in larger portions. However, don’t worry because of this because lettuce can be planted closer together, and in that way, it should not take up too much space in your garden bed.

The Many Kinds of Vegetables You Can Plant in a Wooden Pallet

On the other hand, there are various kinds of lettuce, so make sure you choose the one that best suits you (loose-leaf ones are highly recommended). Similarly, since lettuce grows quite fast and is consumed frequently, you may sow new seeds each second week so as to ensure a steady lettuce supply for your household.

Parsley, mint, and oregano

Certainly, the most suitable growing season for parsley is spring. Additionally, this vegetable is used in a plethora of ways and it is extremely easy to grow. Once you set your wooden palette, of medium size or else, and make sure you get some high-nutrient soil, and then you can easily put seeds of this vegetable in it. Naturally, make sure you water it afterward and always keep the soil in your wooden palette moist. This environment is highly conducive to the growth and development of your natural and healthy parsley.

The Many Kinds of Vegetables You Can Plant in a Wooden Pallet

With mint, however, things are slightly different. This is because mint is not usually used very frequently in the kitchen, and especially in everyday cooking. From time to time, you need only several mint leaves for certain occasions. Accordingly, there isn’t a real need for macro mint growing, in other words, you can allocate one to three small-size pots or places in your wooden palette and sow your mint seed in it. Water it regularly so as to keep the soil moist.

The Many Kinds of Vegetables You Can Plant in a Wooden Pallet

Oregano is next to the row of vegetables that you can plant in a palette. Like with mint, with oregano go only small doses, so you can choose one or two, depending on your needs, small-sized pots in the wooden palette. These will be enough as oregano is used only as a spice, but a spice that will make all your meals much better in taste. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to dry and store them, then you may think of sowing them in larger portions.

Cucumber and cherry tomato

Cucumber and cherry tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables. They are easily maintained and grown, and they certainly give huge benefits. However, take a little bit more space in your wooden palette, but have no worries since you will be picking them often.

The Many Kinds of Vegetables You Can Plant in a Wooden Pallet

Likewise, the good thing is that cucumber and cherry tomatoes can also go closer together so in this way you can save some space. In a word, they are great veggies to include in your small garden bed.

Hopefully, these pieces of advice will help you make a perfect oasis of peace in your garden! And as a bonus, you get to enjoy your own vegetables.