There are plenty of reasons why many Americans are gaining interest in recreational vehicles (RV). First, they give you total flexibility when traveling on the road. Secondly, the vehicles enable you to carry everything you need during your road experience. While the list of benefits continues on and on, these vehicles are perfect options for avid travelers planning for a weekend getaway, outdoor adventures, or any other kind of exploration. However, if you are heading out for a big adventure, storage can be a great concern. For that matter, the following tips will help you maximize the storage space in your RV:

Install Cabinet Shelves

If you want more space in your RV, you have to create it. One place that’s probably underutilized in your RV is the cabinets. Generally, the majority of RVs do come with tall cabinets, some reaching as far as 16-inch tall. Unfortunately, without shelving, it only contributes to space wastage. Therefore, to maximize the cabinet spaces, you can add more shelves for effective and convenient storage.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your RV

Use Tubs or Containers

Apart from shelving the cabinet, you can also think of using tubs and containers to maximize RV storage. Tubs, for example, can be put under the beds as they hold seasonal items. At the same time, you can use plastic containers to store other items hence maximizing pantry space.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your RV

Install Coat Hooks

The other underutilized space in your RV is around the doorways, walls, or vehicle ceilings. Now, in order to fully utilize these spaces, you should install coat hooks. The hooks will enable you to hang your closet for the adventure. Therefore, you can buy multiple hooks and crossbars for more convenience. Alternatively, you can rent or buy motorhomes with ready-made hooks for vertical storage.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your RV

Remove Any Unnecessary Furniture

Even though it seems like a huge task, you need to ensure you have only the necessary furniture and items. Unless you have a big family, you need to carry only one couch and a table. Therefore, you can think of any piece of furniture that you rarely use so that you can purge it off.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your RV

Use Dish Cradles

Using dish cradles enables you to store dishes vertically, which consumes lesser space. Cradles also make it easier to organize pans, trays, spoons, plates, and other utensils. While there are many types of cradles in the market, the vertical ones are the best when it comes to space-saving.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your RV

Final Thoughts

RVs are one of the best vehicles for outdoor events. However, the process of planning an epic trip with these vehicles isn’t easy. Since you will need a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room, creating adequate space can be challenging. As such, the above-mentioned tips will help you squeeze some space for your personal belongings.

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