Is there anything more annoying than a traffic jam? Probably. But it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Frustration over delays, congestion, and those never-ending roadworks are a part of modern life, wherever you live.

But, as this latest study from shows, some drivers have it worse than others. anaylsed the positive and negative sentiments of traffic-related tweets coming out of all the major UK and US cities, then ranked them in order of the worst cities and states for commuters.

Best and worst US state for commuters

The wide open roads of West Virginia aren’t as open as they used to be. Or at least not according to the number of negative Twitter mentions they receive from frustrated commuters.

Nearly half (45%) of all commuting tweets from residents of the Old Dominion State complain about traffic congestion and roadworks; that makes West Virginia the worst state in the US for commuters.

The worst UK and US cities for rush-hour commuters

Montana is the most commuter-friendly US state. Just 14.29% of commuting tweets coming out of Montana bemoan the state of its roads and highways.

The most stressful city commute in the US

There are no prizes for guessing the most stressful US city for communities, because it’s New York. The city that never sleeps is also the city that never stops driving. There’s a stream of traffic flowing through the city 24/7!

The worst UK and US cities for rush-hour commuters

And New Yorkers love to complain about it. There’s the famous cacophony of horns blaring and flying insults. However, if you listen carefully, you might also hear the sound of thumbs tapping and swiping furiously. Over 40% (45.9%) of commuting tweets from the Big Apple have some choice words for those  stress-inducing downtown traffic jams.

The worst UK and US cities for rush-hour commuters

And can you blame them? Not really. A recent study found New York drivers spend around  92 hours – that’s nearly four days – sitting in traffic every year.

Stressful commuting in the United Kingdom

Most commuting trouble spots across The Pond sit in the commuter belt around London.

Drivers in the town of Chelmsford, which is around 30miles outside of central London, seem to experience the most frustration getting in and out of the city. According to the study from, 46.9% of their commuting tweets are negative.

The worst UK and US cities for rush-hour commuters

There’s a similar ratio of angry tweets in several more London commuting towns, including Maidstone, Swindon, and Milton Keynes.

Commuting in London

London has the 12th busiest metro system in the world, with overground and underground lines connecting to every part of the city and beyond.

But cars are still the preferred method of transport for Londoners and visitors, making the UK’s capital the most congested city in the world.

The worst UK and US cities for rush-hour commuters

Nowhere is worse than Lewisham in southeast London. With a bad tweet ratio of over 42%, Lewisham is the London borough that is pure hell for drivers during morning and late afternoon rush hours.

The worst UK and US cities for rush-hour commuters

Please accept our deepest sympathies if you live (and drive) in one of the places mentioned. If you’re lucky enough not to, then remember this the next time you’re stuck in traffic: it could always be much (much) worse!

So sit back, pick a favourite tune to play, and then breathe. You’ll get to wherever you’re going – eventually!