Things To Do In Greece For Couples

A well-planned-out Greece trip is the best choice you could have made for your romantic getaway! Whether it is the time for your honeymoon or a first vacation together, Greece awaits you with picturesque sights and intimate couple packages! However, if you are unsure of where to start, check out our list of top things to do!

Explore Athens

Entering and exploring this ancient city might seem like a no-brainer for you and something not quite romantic, but trust us, it can be! Hypnotizing sights and long walks through the historical sights can be very intimate and lovely. You can either rent a car or take a public transport, it is up to you. Take your time climbing up to the Lycabettus Hill to watch the sunset together, or simply roam around until you find a secluded spot great for sweethearts. You can also take some great pictures together with the background of Acropolis or the stunning Anafiotika.

Things To Do In Greece For Couples

Go Wine-tasting in Santorini

What can be more romantic than an intimate evening of learning the flavors of Greece wine? For that, we suggest Santorini! With the dazzling background of white houses and the clear, blue waters, indulge yourself in an evening of education and endearment. The wine in this region is excellent, and there are plenty of places to try and learn about as much of them as possible. Flirt with the surroundings, the wine, and each other!

Things To Do In Greece For Couples

Go Out in Mykonos

If all the calm yet charming activities get a bit too dull for you, you can always grab your partner and head out to Mykonos – a region famous for its buzzing nightlife and vibrant crowds! There are many bars and clubs outside where you can go dancing, so spend your night celebrating the love with a community of young and adventurous Greeks. We suggest booking a lounge for two if the noise gets too loud and you seek some privacy.

Things To Do In Greece For Couples

Bike Through Nafplio

Often described as the most romantic city in Greece, Nafplio is, unfortunately, usually overlooked by tourists! We urge you not to make this mistake and go exploring this coastal city in the region of the Peloponnese. The best way to navigate through cobbled streets, and narrow pathways leading up to the hills, is by biking. There are many rental places across Nafplio, so do not hesitate to jump on the two wheels! This way, you will get to discover the picturesque coastal landscapes at your own pace, and it gives you the opportunity to stop at any of the secluded places along the way for a picnic or a mini photoshoot. The roads can get quite tricky at times, but a good challenge is what will bring you two closer together!

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Things To Do In Greece For Couples

Take a Boat Trip in The Melissani Lake Cave

The Melissani Lake Cave, according to the legend, was a place where god Pan and the nymphs were worshiped, and eventually, one of them fell in love with the god, but as her passion was not reciprocated, in sadness, she drowned herself in the cave. Her name was, of course, Melissani. So travel to this stunning yet intimidatingly looking cave to redo its lousy name of love! The boat ride can actually be very romantic, and if the surroundings get too dark and chilly, just hold on to your partner and keep enjoying the sights.

Things To Do In Greece For Couples

We hope we lead you onto the right path with these engaging activities. Now, you can start filling up your itinerary and planning the most wonderful, romantic, and adventurous trip of your lifetime! Whether this is your first or the hundredth trip together – make it unforgettable.

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