Do you want to jet off and explore the world with your best friend? It’s a dream many of us have, so when you decide to make it a reality it can lead to a whole host of mixed emotions. Going travelling is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience – and being with anyone 24/7 is going to test the relationship. So how do you make sure yours survives the test? Here are our top tips for travelling with your significant other.

Accept that not every minute will be amazing

Yes, you’re heading off on a life-changing trip that will be full of amazing experiences. But don’t expect every minute to be sunshine and rainbows. Putting pressure on yourself and your partner to be having “the time of your lives” every minute of every day is unrealistic. After all, travelling can be tough, especially when you’re figuring out how to get from A to B with foreign currency in a place you may not speak the language.

Top Tips for Travelling with your Significant Other

The key to successful travels is accepting the rough with the smooth – making the most of those life-changing moments while accepting that you might have a few less-than-perfect times along the way. After all – you’re both human.

Figure out your finances

It’s a topic that many couples dread, but it’s really important to have a chat about money before you set off. Be realistic about budgeting – talk through where you want to go, activities you want to do, the standard of accommodation you want to stay in and so on, to work out roughly how much money you’ll need. The last thing you want when you’re in paradise is to be arguing about how much you are (or aren’t) spending – or worst of all that you’re running out of funds sooner than expected.

Top Tips for Travelling with your Significant Other

Once you know how much you’ll need, put a plan in place for saving that amount before you jet off. There are plenty of ways to reduce travelling spend, including cutting costs to the airport with discounts like Web Duo train tickets, staying in dorm rooms and travelling at quieter times.

Plan ahead and be open to compromise

If you’ve decided to go travelling together, it’s likely that you both want to experience similar things. But before you set off, have a chat about your absolute ‘must-see’ places and make sure you factor that into a rough itinerary. That way, you’ll both get to do the things you really want to do, and are less likely to end up arguing about where to go while you’re away.

Top Tips for Travelling with your Significant Other

Relationships often involve compromise – so if your partner really wants to do a particular activity and you’d rather do something else, try to compromise. See if there’s a way that you can both do the things you want to do by shuffling your itinerary around.

Top Tips for Travelling with your Significant Other

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make the most of your travels and enjoy this amazing experience with your partner. The question is – where will you go first?