Tips for Building a Green Home

Nowadays, building an eco-friendly home is easy. Technology has really evolved presenting so many sophisticated options to live an eco-friendly life at home. These options do not demand you to forfeit a comfortable life in order to be environmentally conscious. There are quite a number of tips on building green homes especially for those of you living in London Ontario. If you are looking into building a home that’s 100% eco-friendly, then here are some tips for you.

Use Sustainable Materials

When building an eco-friendly house, it is important to always use sustainable materials. Sustainable materials come in so many forms. They can be categorized into:

– Locally sourced materials which are typically sourced within a 100-mile radius of your premise or where you want to set up.

– Reused and recycled materials: The difference between these two is that reused materials are those that are claimed from their original position/purpose/function and used whole with fixes. Reused materials could be doors, windows or even flooring. Recycled materials, on the other hand, are those that are reprocessed like turning scrap wood into flooring.

Tips for Building a Green Home

– Renewable materials: You can also use renewable materials like bamboo, which replenishes quickly unlike materials like wood which take a long time.

– Sustainably harvested materials: There are many well-managed forests that you can get your wood from. Such forests are in place to discourage people from cutting down trees without replacing them.

– Non-toxic and non-allergenic materials: Consider using materials which have no risk of having black mold or formaldehyde. Such matter is often found in toxic building materials.

Smaller Houses are Manageable

It is easy to manage a small house which is eco-friendly than a large house. Small houses have little impact on the environment while large houses consume more energy hence are very expensive to maintain. Your house should be easily managed and cost-effective.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Don’t be afraid to spend more money if you want an eco-friendly home. Eco-friendly lighting like CFL and LED cost more than other types of lighting but they last longer and use way less energy, so they are just perfect for that new home that you want to build. When installing outdoor lighting, consider also using eco-friendly lighting. You can use LED or solar outdoor lighting.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Solar Panels

It is common knowledge that solar energy is clean and renewable energy. At first, because it is hot technology, solar panels are expensive but in the long run, solar panels are really pocket-friendly. Just be sure that your house’s orientation and how you place your solar panels enable the solar panels to generate maximum power.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Energy Star Windows

Compared to normal windows, energy star windows are way more energy efficient. These windows are still new in the market. They even have ratings that tell which ones are more efficient. If you are considering using them, do not forget to look at each window’s rating before you make a purchase. Low ratings on a window indicate that the window is energy efficient. These windows are worth every penny because they will save you a lot of energy, enough to cover the cost at which you are getting them for.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Install Tankless Water Heaters and Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Collect rainwater from your house’s roof and then store it in a tank. This water can be used for flushing toilets, watering plants and general cleaning within your home. Tankless water heaters are also energy efficient. This is because they reduce excess energy costs by heating only that amount of water needed. They also save so much space because there’s no hot water tank required anymore.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Photo taken by: E. Dusingizumuremyi. SuSanA Secretariat [CC BY 2.0]

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A lot of energy in most homes usually goes towards temperature regulation; that is heating and cooling the house. If you want to cut down such energy costs, you have to invest in a programmable thermostat. Your HVAC system should also be energy star rated because it means that it will be more efficient. Your house’s design will also influence the type of system you should buy. The system should be installed properly and your ducts should be airtight, short and straight. If you follow all these directions when fitting your HVAC system, you will save way more energy than you could have possibly imagined.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Your Landscaping Should Be Efficient

Plant your trees in strategic locations within your compound. Trees protect your house from direct sunlight in the summer. During winter, the trees shed off their leaves allowing more sunlight into your house.

Tips for Building a Green Home

Final Thoughts

Sometimes going green can be a costly venture, but it is totally worth it. Everything will depend on how well you plan your home. If you are living in London Ontario, and are interested in eco-friendly housing, there are so many cheap methods you can put to use like installing outdoor lighting or having more plants to cool your home. Using machines is not necessary if you are not into them. Remember to use those methods that you are comfortable with.

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