We all have that friend or know that person who is obsessed with all things to do with cats. These items are diverse, for instance, furniture, mats, accessories, and utensils. Cat lovers should consider their budget and size of their homes before splurging in any items.

Must-Have Items for Cat Lovers

There are many items in the market to choose from that is why we have compiled this list of useful and affordable items for you.

Modernist Cat Furniture

Cat lovers know the importance of furniture; it keeps your feline away from scratching other items in the house. These are designed with lush wood blends and are equipped with cabinets that help you to tuck litter boxes with a cabinet that can be used as a scratching post.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Cat Hood Neck Pillow

Most people don’t realize this, but neck pillows are necessary as they support your neck when you are asleep. What’s the best way to get a good night sleep than with a cute pillow of your favorite animal especially if you are allergic to felines?

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Modkat Litter Box

Most owners find it challenging to maintain a clean litter box because it needs regular emptying. However, the Modkat litter box absorbs stenches and scattering of sand. The tarp liner and user-friendly handle make scooping to boot effortless.

Cat Cave by Meowfia

Cat lovers are aware that felines adore their privacy; that is why a cat cave is essential. The animal doesn’t have to sleep in open places or fight for space with family members. This item is hand-woven using natural wool and comes in different shades to complement your house interior.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

The Wiskicat Cone

Your cone acts as a tree for your furry friend to climb, stretch, and doubles as a bed. The exterior is made of sisal, and the bed is made of washable material. The design incorporates function and appearance as it blends well in any room and has a replaceable cover.

Bubble Cat Tree

This modern wood bubble tree has several features that will keep the feline occupied. The exterior is adorned with a silky carpet, climbing perches, and strategically located holes. As cat lovers, you can customize this tree with whatever paint you prefer. If you have a timid feline, a cat tree will comfort and give them a sense of security.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Customized Bags

Cat lovers, who are proud to let people know, can have bags designed with your pet’s image. This will not only remind you of your furry friend, but it will also get you in a good mood especially when you are away. Your pet might develop an affinity for the bag, so invest in the best cat repellent to keep the animal from destroying it.

Kitty Pass Interior Door

This door is ideal for cat lovers because unlike cat flaps which can be unsightly, these blends well with the hues of the house and your pet can go in and out of the house effortlessly.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Wine Glasses for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers not only provide the best items for their pets, but they also treat themselves to cat design luxuries like wine glasses. These would make great gifts for cat lovers, and they would make your dining table unique.

Raised Food Bowls

These elevated food bowls are ideal for felines because they are usually affordable, and made of stainless steel which makes cleaning effortless. The bowls reduce food spillage and enable the cat to feed without straining. They are hygienic especially when you have several cats. These bowls come in different sizes and designs; for instance, some have sushi painted inside.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Glass Bowl

This can be used as an alternative to stainless steel bowl. Unlike plastic bowls which harbor bacteria and become greasy after use, glass bowls are easy to clean. These bowls are not only appealing, but they are heavy which makes it impossible for your cat to spill the contents. They are easy to sterilize because this process does not affect the material.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Teepee Bed

You can take your feline’s bed a notch higher by replacing it with a teepee. They are designed with canvas panels, birch structures, and suede lace. Felines love to sleep, and this would provide the comfort they require. They come in various designs and they are easy to pack when going for adventures. They are easy to wash, and the material is moisture resistant and not readily flammable.


As a design-obsessed cat person, you might decide to buy every item that pleases you; however, you should consider your budget and the need for the item. Although some things are for decorative purposes others can be used to make your pet’s life comfortable. You can surprise the cat lovers in your life by buying them cat accessories.

Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home

Have you used any of the items in this list? Please share your experience with our readers.

Author Bio:

Betti Wilson is an animal lover whose work focuses on cats. She spends her time researching, watching animal documentaries, and working at the animal shelter in her community. Her work is based on research, interaction with her cats, other pet owners, and consultations with the vet to provide credible information.