If you’re going travelling soon and want a great way to document your experiences, you’ve probably no doubt thought about keeping a blog as you go. After all, it’s a really easy and fun way to remember all of your trips forever, and it’s the ideal way to let everyone back home know how you’re doing (and make them very jealous!).

If it’s a bit of a new concept to you, we’re here to help. Here are some top tips for creating a successful travel blog!

Aim to write for your niche

There are literally too many travel blogs out there to count, so if you want yours to stand a chance of standing above the rest (not an unreachable goal!), then you might want to narrow in on what makes yours unique and different. This is where the idea of niches comes in. For example; are you a solo traveller? Or travelling as far as possible on a tight budget? Travelling as a couple? Working as you go? All of these niches can turn your blog into something more directional and individual.

Tips for creating a Successful Travel Blog

Pick a design that reflects what you’re writing about

When creating your blog, there are so many design aspects to think about. We’ll stick to talking about one of the most important ones – the way it looks to you and your readers. Choosing an appropriate theme for your blog is a good idea, so that people get a sense of what your blog is about within the first few seconds of clicking on the page. If you don’t regard yourself as a web design expert, you could always look into working with a host site; there are some great WordPress themes from 1&1 for example.

Tips for creating a Successful Travel Blog

Choose a winning travel blog name

You’ll of course need to give your blog a name, and to make it stand out and impress readers, you’ll want to give it a good one. Choosing a blog name isn’t the easiest of tasks, but there are a lot of resources out there to help you make it a little easier. There’s a great article here with loads of ideas of what to name your travel blog, for example.

Tips for creating a Successful Travel Blog

Share your posts as much as possible

As with any blog that you want to make as public as possible, you’ll need to share your content as much as possible and as widely as you can. Share each post on a whole host of social media channels, and don’t forget to use travel related hash tags to give your posts the best chances of being seen by lots of people worldwide.

Tips for creating a Successful Travel Blog

Share lots of your own tips and tricks

Give your readers a true and honest insight into your travel experiences by sharing tips and tricks that only you could give them. Posts in the form of tips are great as they’re easily read and actually really useful. Be honest with your readers about the places you’ve been and your opinion on things you’ve done too, to gain an audience that respects and trusts you.

Tips for creating a Successful Travel Blog

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