They say there are many things you can change about a home but the one thing you cannot change is its location. Choosing where to live is a big decision, and location is perhaps the most important factor. Interior décor and garden improvements can all be made to suit your own style of living. As we mentioned though, you cannot change where your home is. Below we discuss what makes a house a home, and how you can best ensure that you’ll be able to keep the long-lasting memories you make, without having to change location.

Before you start cleaning – get new flooring

When the seasons change, sometimes a homeowner may just feel like sprucing up their home. With different amounts of light coming about from the change of seasons, if you can switch up the way your house looks in summer compared to winter, you’ll never need to move.

Tips For Spring Cleaning: Find A Space For All The Unused Clutter You Can't Throw Away

A good spring clean using some of the great house cleaning equipment on show means your house can look brand new all year round. If you have just moved in before the summer, you may want to make the odd change. If it’s a change of flooring or change of décor, make sure you get those switched out in time to enjoy it. Modern flooring and wallpaper are a great way to ensure your home is comfortable to live in as sometimes, a dusty old carpet just comes up worse after a good clean. Keep up to date with modern flooring trends in 2021 and make your home a place you want to live. This is all about preparation. Remember to do this before you start your spring clean otherwise you’ll be doing it all over again.

Ensure you have storage

Perhaps an undervalued aspect of a spring clean is storage. If you are ripping up the floorboards or switching out the wallpaper, you’ll likely need somewhere to put some unused (or unwanted clutter) in the meantime. Of course, there are places like the residential waste centres where you can put old household items, but that is for inconsequential items. For many, a home makes lasting memories, and you end up with clutter you just cannot throw away.

Tips For Spring Cleaning: Find A Space For All The Unused Clutter You Can't Throw Away

Well, fortunately there are places and locations where you can keep treasured memories without ‘cluttering’ up your home. Say you are redecorating and you’ve had to temporarily take down that lovely but huge painting one of your grandparents gave you to as a moving in present. You need to clean the house and redecorate but there is nowhere for this to go. You can do a quick search for local personal storage units and this is a great way of ensuring you won’t lose any of the ‘clutter’. That painting or treasured memory will be safe in storage and the chances of it getting ruined during your spring clean and redecoration will be little.

Put the clutter into storage and finish your spring clean

So now we’ve got new furnishings and we’ve got a place for our memorable items to go. Next, we need to actually do the spring clean. Previous studies have shown that for a spring clean or redecoration to work, you need to have an organised home.

Tips For Spring Cleaning: Find A Space For All The Unused Clutter You Can't Throw Away

What this means is that when you are doing your cleaning, take time to reorganise. You’ve got the storage space so now use it. Your desk that you’ve been working from for the past year needs decluttering. Yes it could have memorable items on there and also essential items but that’s what storage is for. You don’t need work notes from seven years ago on your desk even if you do not want to throw them away. That dissertation you wrote for education can also be placed into personal storage units.

There are so many ways personal storage can help you with your spring clean. Make sure you actually have enough room to clean.