Laminate flooring has become one of the most successful and popular hardwood flooring in the world. The reason for the same is easy to guess. Laminate floor installers are long lasting, stain resistant, affordable and it is designed in such a way that anybody can work on it and install it. The installation is done using the floating floor method. In this method, the flooring material is neither stuck nor nailed down, but they are snapped together and further laid down over a thin layer of rubber underlayment. Thus, it makes flooring easy and fast. One can complete the installation of laminate standard size floor within 4 hours.

These are few tips and tricks to help you get through the flooring by yourself.

1. Taping

There is several tapes available in stores to use in the underlayment seams. Some of them might be too rigid and can cause crinkling noise and disturbance. Thus, one should always buy tapes that are recommended by the manufacturer of the underlayment or an individual can buy the underlayment which comes with a built-in seam tape. To avoid bubbles arising after flooring needs to lay the underlayment in perpendicular direction in which planks are laid.

Tips to Get The Best Result From Laminate Floor Installers

2. Even Subfloors

Laminate Floor Installations should be done on a straight and even floor. Use a straightedge to inspect the floor before installing the laminated floor. Any area which is beyond 1/8 inches should be fixed. Commercial floor sanders can be hired to straighten the unevenness of the floor when required. If the floor is slightly dipped, the laminate flooring will be soft and spongy.

Tips to Get The Best Result From Laminate Floor Installers

3. Undercut the casings

Trimming and undercutting the casings is important for the laminate floor installers to fit around the doors. After cutting the necessary parts, it becomes easy for a plank to fit around a door casing or even side jambs. A rubber underlayment can be placed and on top of that plastic lamination is needed. This allows you to have a perfect knowledge on how high to cut and in what diameter as well. Next, you can use whatever hardware you like and cut off the excess or the remains of the flooring to have a perfect fit.

Tips to Get The Best Result From Laminate Floor Installers

4. Subfloor Preparation

Before the laminate floor installers come and start laying down the floor, it is recommended that you inspect the subfloor thoroughly. Prepare the subfloor by going around it and tapping down any nail which might have protruded. After that, walk around the room and try to listen if any kind of squeak is there when you are walking on it. If it happens it is better that you drive a 2-inch nail at that spot.

Tips to Get The Best Result From Laminate Floor Installers

5. Installing the laminate flooring

You may want to find the longest plank and lay it down one after the other. The problem which may arise in this case is that by that time you may reach the other side of the wall, you may end up ripping a thin piece of flooring. To avoid it, here is the tip. One should always start planning a way ahead. He should take 4 to 5 pieces of plank and put in on one side and make a rough sketch using pencil. After that, he should repeat the same thing on the other side of the wall. Doing this might seem like a daunting job but at the end, you will end up with good and perfect flooring with the help of the laminate floor installers end up.

Tips to Get The Best Result From Laminate Floor Installers

Hence, these were the top 5 tips one should keep in mind while getting laminate flooring. Laminate floor installers are the best options for flooring available today because of its durability and style quotient.