Thanks to the spate of fixer-upper type shows and the bevy of information about home improvement on the web, more homeowners than ever are DIY-ing home projects to save money — but is that always wise?

While plenty of minor maintenance jobs around your home are easy enough to do yourself, there are plenty more that you should probably hire a professional to perform for you. If you are struggling to determine which jobs you can tackle on your own and which be outsourced to a qualified Chicago handyman, read on.

Is the Job Big?

Is the maintenance job more of a renovation project? Are you planning to make major changes that cover a significant portion of the square footage of your home?

When Should You Call a Handyman?

Generally, the bigger the job, the more imperative it is that you seek professional help. This is because larger, more intense projects have more opportunities for things to go seriously wrong, both aesthetically and functionally. You don’t want a glaring mistake marring the appearance of your home, and you certainly don’t want to compromise your home’s integrity for the sake of a few saved dollars. Some especially large jobs might require your handyperson to hire a team for assistance, which means you will get more experienced workers to help finish the project — and that’s a good thing.

Is the Job Dangerous?

Will you come into contact with live electricity, dirty water or another hazardous substance?

When Should You Call a Handyman?

Plenty of home maintenance jobs are unpleasant, but some are downright risky. It’s easy to brush off the dangers in pursuit of the experience or the savings, but the truth is that no home project is worth a threat to your health. If you suspect your home might have toxic components, like lead paint or asbestos ceiling tiles, you should perform the proper tests before launching into any project. Then, you should always contract professional services to deal with potentially dangerous systems in your home, like the electrical, gas, plumbing and roof.

Does the Job Require Technical Knowledge or Skill?

Do you still not quite understand the project’s procedure after reading how-tos and watching videos? Does the job typically require professionals to get licensed or certified?

When Should You Call a Handyman?

Homes are big, complicated systems with smaller complicated systems built in. Home maintenance is not usually intuitive; it helps to have a maintenance binder that contains a schedule, a few how-tos and useful contact information for service professionals. Even so, there are some jobs that you will simply never have the knowledge and skill to complete. These include things like window and drywall repair and door installation. If you don’t know all the details of doing the job properly, so you should just hire someone who does.

Is the Job Time-intensive?

Will you have to take off work to get the project done? Will you need to devote all your free time for weeks on end? Is it not a job you enjoy but one you are eager to get over with?

When Should You Call a Handyman?

There are plenty of projects around the house that aren’t particularly difficult or dangerous but that just take way too much time. A good example of this is painting: Anyone can wield a paintbrush and roller with sufficient proficiency, but cutting in the edges, laying down thick and even layers and cleaning everything up is a time-consuming pain. If you have a job at home that will require you to volunteer an inordinate amount of your time — and if you don’t relish the idea of doing so — you might as well call in a Chicago handyman; it will save your sanity in the long run.

Does the Job Require Special Tools?

Does the job require heavy or complex machinery? Do you have the right tools on hand, or will you need to invest in more?

When Should You Call a Handyman?

It usually isn’t worth your money to acquire tools that you will only ever use for one project. Additionally, some equipment and machinery you are simply not qualified to use. Conversely, because it is their job, a handyperson will likely have access to any and all tools necessary for completing any job you require, which means you don’t need to worry about finding and learning how to use them.

Here’s a hot take: You can’t DIY everything in your home. While TV and the internet might make it seem possible for you to complete any project without professional assistance, the truth is that it is often more economical — and more sensible — to hire a local handyperson to do your home maintenance jobs for you.