‘Curb appeal’ has become a common phrase when it comes to discussions of home renovations and property values. Whether it is in hopes of selling the home for top dollar, or simply to improve its appearance and value, there are many easy ways to improve the look of a home’s exterior.

Making a great first impression

The first features a visitor sees when they arrive at a home are the front façade and lawn area. Improving the home’s first impression can be quite easy and inexpensive, depending on the basic construction of the home. A fresh coat of paint can quickly brighten up a home with wood or siding, and a good washing can make a brick building look like new. Don’t forget the trim around the windows, doors and eaves. Scrape the old paint and apply a fresh coat; for a real change, try a different color that complements the house coloring, or perhaps is drawn from the shades in the garden.

Tips to Improve the look of your Home’s Exterior

Traditional Exterior by Sausalito Architects & Building Designers Heydt Designs

Grooming the front lawn and garden area is also a big part of a home’s curb appeal. Treat damaged areas of the lawn, seeding where needed, and make sure the edges are even and well kept. Adding decorative fence panels, either wooden picket or metal scrollwork, can enhance the front garden area, as well as defining the property lines. For a garden that lasts through the seasons, use containers of annuals to fill in where the planted flowers and bulbs may not be growing.

Tips to Improve the look of your Home’s Exterior

Victorian Exterior by Kirkland Interior Designers & Decorators Kristi Spouse Interiors

Repair and refresh

Now that the front area is inviting, it’s time to refresh and repair the remaining exterior areas around the house. Touch up the paint around the entire home, and any garage or shed structure on the property. Speaking of garage doors; now is the time to repair or replace a broken garage door. Unless a homeowner is skilled in repairing garage doors, it is best to get professional garage repair assistance to do this. A professional can also help with selecting a new garage door if necessary.

Tips to Improve the look of your Home’s Exterior

Rustic Exterior by Bainbridge Island Architects & Building Designers Domain Design Architects

Moving around to the back of the home, look at the porch, deck or patio area. A good power washing and sealing is best for all these surfaces. Sealants may be clear-coat, or for a change of mood, a colored or textured sealant may be applied. Patterned applications can even mimic brick, tile or flagstone effects on the concrete patio.

Tips to Improve the look of your Home’s Exterior

Contemporary Patio by Cedarburg Photographers Edmunds Studios Photography, Inc.

Back garden features

The back garden area is a great place to personalize the home and improve its value to potential buyers. A family home should have a defined play area, perhaps with a swing set or sandbox. Water features, such as fountains, small ponds and even birdbaths, are ideal accents for a gardener’s garden. A garden designed for entertainment may feature a fire pit and barbeque area, or even an outdoor tiki bar.

Tips to Improve the look of your Home’s Exterior

Eclectic Landscape by Toronto Architects & Building Designers Carson Arthur Design

Freshening up a home, whether it’s for the housing market or simply a change of season, is simple. A fresh coat of paint, a well-groomed lawn, repairs where needed, and a lively back garden area are all key steps in achieving high curb appeal for the home.

Tips to Improve the look of your Home’s Exterior

Traditional Exterior by Norwich Architects & Building Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC