There are so many beautiful places in Tennessee that listing them all would be impossible. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about a few that we think are worth at least one visit. For this reason, we’ve decided to talk about the top 10 bucket list destinations in Tennessee.

1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

With the change of the seasons, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s landscapes and vistas transform before your eyes. For this reason alone, the Smoky Mountains are one of the most visited national parks in America. You can hike, go mountain biking, and fly fishing. If you want to see as much of the park as possible, you can camp out. It will allow you to see some of the sites that have a long history behind them, cultural monuments, and breathtaking panoramas at your own pace. As a result, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park should be among the first bucket list destinations in Tennessee you visit.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

2. Nashville

We can’t talk about bucket list destinations in Tennessee without mentioning Nashville. Tennessee is the only state in the United States with a symphony of musical styles. In Nashville, you’ll find famous music venues like the Grand Ole Opry House, Ryman Auditorium, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Take a stroll down “Music Row” to see the country music industry’s headquarters. Many people are captivated by the charm and the rich history of the town after they visit it, and some decide they want to stay. So much so that it’s no wonder why the experts from notice a surge in business after the tourist season ends.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

3. Lover’s Leap

Lover’s Leap, a lookout point where you can see seven different states, is Tennessee’s most spectacular natural feature. If you visit, you will also have a sense of adventure since you will need to walk along the Swing-A-Long bridge to get the best view. It will lead you to an area where you can see all around Lookout Mountain. From Lover’s Leap, you can see the Smoky Mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

4. Big South Fork National River

If you decide to take a car road trip to the Cumberland Plateau, you can take a look at the Big South Fork National River. This national park spans over 125,000 acres. It is, without a doubt, one of the state’s most stunning natural attractions. The park’s canyons and sandstone cliffs that are more than 10 thousand years old make it a fascinating place to visit. The Big South Fork National River has many camping sites that you can stay at if you like to explore the wilderness. The Big South Fork should be on your destination bucket list if you are a nature lover.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

5. Gatlinburg

In peak season, the population of Gatlinburg grows by a factor of 10 thanks to its vicinity to the Smokey Mountains. However, people don’t just come here when they want to visit the national park. People also want to see some of Gatlinburg’s best attractions as well. These include the Gatlinburg Space Needle and the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway, which offer spectacular views of the park surrounding it.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

6. Burgess Falls State Park

Burgess Falls State Park is home to some of Tennessee’s most spectacular waterfalls. It’s a popular spot for fishing and picnicking along the Falling Water River. You can take the 1.5-mile round-trip River Path to see the park’s best waterfalls, but this adventure may be a challenge, depending on your fitness. However, the breathtaking views of the Falling Water River can also be found on the Ridge Top Trail, a half-mile hike. No matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

7. Cade’s Cove

Cade’s Cove is one of Tennessee’s most popular tourist attractions. The beauty of the wilderness on display is breathtaking. It is no wonder why so many people make Cade’s Cove one of their bucket list destinations. It would take you around two hours to drive around Cade’s Cove. However, if you wanted to be more in touch with nature, you could also cycle around Cade’s Cove. Bicycles can be rented there, and there are numerous bike paths to choose from.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

8. Rainbow Hall

Rainbow Hall, near Rock City, is a must-see on any trip to Tennessee’s natural splendor. If you ever wondered what Chattanooga would look like if it had purple or green air, Rainbow Hall is the answer. The windows in Rainbow Hall were tinted with colored gel, making it possible for guests to experience Tennessee’s breathtaking scenery in a completely new way.

9. Memphis

No list about Tennessee can go without the mention of Memphis. The birthplace of blues. Just like Nashville, Memphis is a city of music. If you come here, you’ll find a plethora of crowded bars and clubs along Beale Street, many of which feature live music. One of the city’s most well-known attractions is Graceland, the former home of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley. Memphis is not just a great place to visit but a great place to live in. As a result, many people from all over the United States move here each year. The figure would certainly be higher if more people realized how simple it is to relocate when reliable experts can jump in and do most of the work.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee

10. Rock Island State Park

And the last but certainly not the least on our list of the top 10 bucket list destinations in Tennessee is Rock Island. When you visit this state park, you will be able to witness the Twin Falls. This cascading waterfall descends from an underground cavern into the park’s Caney Fork is a sight to behold. Other than Twin falls, you will be able to see a breathtaking view of the Eastern Highland Rim’s best scenery. There aren’t many places in the United States that offer vistas and natural wonders such as these. Because of this, make sure that you see everything Rock Island provides.

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations in Tennessee