Wanderlust is a powerful feeling. It compels us to keep moving and see the world as it is, in its full splendor. But there are limiting factors with money being the main culprit. Not many students and young adults can boast with pockets deep enough to fuel their traveling obsession.

Living frugally out of necessity and having to pay out college loans have made it hard (if not impossible) for one to visit places such as Canberra or Paris on a budget. Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible, but even IF you do find an affordable flight – food, accommodation, and other necessities will gobble up your budget in a flash.

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget

Luckily, the world is an immense place! You don’t have to limit yourself to a place or two. Having long-term travel plans is fine and all, but why not consider a slight detour and visit some locales without breaking the bank?

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget

Countless locations and countries may inspire you in ways you though unimaginable. Continue reading to discover 7 traveling destinations you can enjoy on a budget of a college student. Traveling can teach you many things. As my former colleague, Martha James from WriteMyPaper4Me puts it:

“Not all classrooms have four walls. I consider Earth to be a classroom like no other. Traveling enriches and teaches on a deeper, more meaningful level. Don’t preoccupy yourself with major destinations, try out some of the smaller ones when you get the chance.”

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget

The words to live by. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


Let’s start off this list with Ecuador, and its capital city – Quito. A lot of money has been poured into Quito to turn it into a desirable, yet affordable destination. Historic hotels, busy restaurants with original cuisine, and picturesque streets – it’s all there for you to explore. Quito, along with the striking rain forests, are a goldmine for students who want to experience the different culture. It may be more appealing to walk the streets by foot, but the transportation cost is quite cheap here.

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget


Another South American entry on the list, and it’s an interesting one. What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear “Colombia?” Probably crime and the cartel.

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget

Colombia definitely has a damaged reputation, but don’t strike it out from your traveling list. Bogota (the capital of Colombia) and Cartagena offer plenty to see for any discerning tourist on a budget. As an added bonus, there’s the trifecta of mountains (Andes), Caribbean coast, and jungle (Amazon) for you to visit and take in. There are many budget-friendly accommodation options given here, so maybe give it a go.


Albania offers a marvelous opportunity for students to travel to the other side of the pond on a budget. France, Italy, or Germany are much more popular and, as a result, more expensive destinations. This is where Albania comes into the picture. Amazing cultural heritage, charming scenery, natural beauty, as well as affordable sightseeing and local transportation will allow you to explore the country that shared history with many empires.

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget


Exciting rainforests and warm white coasts filled with sunshine are a calling card of Indonesia. Student traveling budget should be enough to enjoy what the country has on offer. Cheap flights are the first major benefit. Indonesia has multiple islands to choose from (over 14 thousand, and that’s an estimate) and there are a ton of interesting activities to choose from: surfing, snorkeling, diving, and fishing are just a short list of what you can indulge in. Ever wanted to spend a weekend in a tree house oversees? Well, Indonesia can help you check that off your list.

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget

General note: always book plane tickets months in advance to get the best price. Pricing may change daily or even a couple times a day.


Nicaragua definitely belongs on the list of cheap, yet incredible countries to travel for a student. The land of volcanoes and lakes. If you enjoy nature, this destination is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, noiseless beaches, and monkeys everywhere! Travelers in search of activities can find delight in hiking, riding horses, swimming, surfing, fishing and much more. Local cuisine is amazing: seafood, vegetarian menu, beef – every taste is accounted for.

Top 5 Countries To Visit On A Student’s Budget

This list is definitely not complete! Many other destinations are worthy of your attention even if your budget sometimes suggest you’d be better off staying home. Enjoy the world, discover something new every time to travel and learn things no college class can teach you!

Author Bio:

John Obstander is a passionate traveler who moonlights as a blogger/writer. John made it his life’s goal to visit 40 countries in the next 5 years. He funds his journeys working as a freelance writer at https://pro-academic-writers.com/ and keeps dreaming of new unseen destinations.