As we grow, we find ourselves asking the same question over and over again. Who am I? Life is full of challenges, ups and downs, and along the way you kind of sort of find the answer to that question. Still, no one you ask will have a clear and precise answer to that question. Then, once you’re all grown up and aren’t having a teenage identity crisis anymore, there comes a time in your life when you’re overwhelmed by various things.

You’re finally an adult. That means you get to do everything by yourself for yourself. As exciting as adult life may be, it’s also very confusing. All of a sudden, there are a thousand things to take care of and to do, that you barely have enough time to think. More often than not, this causes us to forget who we are and to neglect to acknowledge all the new traits we’ve developed over the years.

The best way to rediscover yourself is to get lost in a completely new environment. When we’re exposed to completely new environments and destinations, our senses are sharpened and we’re put into new situations. How you react in these situations can tell you a lot about the kind of person you are.

1. The spirit of India

Out of all the countries in the world, India has to be the most spiritual one. This country places great value on their spiritual world and life. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. All you have to do is open your mind to other worlds and possibilities. From visiting various famous temples to getting to know the thought process of the Indian nation, you’ll be reborn by the time you leave this country.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

As well as going on spiritual walks through the temples, you can also take part in the most eye-opening and mind-expanding activities of all time. Of course, we’re talking about Yoga and meditation. Where better to learn about the art of being in control over your mind and body than in the place where the practice originated.

If you’re not sure how to go about starting either of these activities, you can always look up a retreat in India. Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about meditation and Yoga, including the best tactics for practicing them.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

India is a place where you’ll learn to live in peace with yourself and take things as they come. Instead of worrying about life and its challenges, you’ll take them in stride. There won’t be a thing to knock you off your course and make you wonder what to do next. With Yoga and meditation, inner peace is guaranteed.

And after all, inner peace is the basis of finding out who you are. Once you’re content with not knowing, you open your mind up to discovering. Suddenly, all the things you couldn’t fathom and imagine come into place and settle in your being, making themselves at home.

2. Why not Italy?

Europe is one of the best places in the world to find out new things about yourself. It is the smallest continent in the world, yet the one that’s packed with the most different cultures, languages, and people. One of the most amazing countries in Europe fit for rediscovering who you are is Italy. After all, the whole of Europe basically stemmed from Italy, so why can’t you?

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

This country is famous for its delicious cuisine, impressive architecture, and fine culture and art. In Italy, you’ll be able to fuse the old with the new in everyday life. Your first job is to live through history by going on numerous tours which get you closer to ancient life. Knowing the history of the place will help you understand its present and future state.

Much like digging into the remains of ancient Italy, you should take a look at your own past. Only then will you be able to understand who you are today and why you’re exactly the way you are. Our thoughts and reactions to the world outside of us can be traced to our past experiences, that’s just a fact.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

Next on the list is to discover all the amazing pieces of art. Art speaks to us like nothing else can. It can make us see things we didn’t know were there, regardless of if we’re talking about the world or ourselves. By getting to know different areas and periods of art, you’ll find it easier to connect to the world and people around you. You’ll realize that you aren’t that different from the rest of your fellow humans and that you too belong somewhere in this place. There’s nothing more empowering and encouraging than knowing you belong.

3. Contradictories in Namibia

The Namib Desert in Namibia is one of the most unique forests in the world. It is a place where sand valleys and plains stretch on for days, seemingly into oblivion. At one point, though, they hit the sea. Thus, a paradox is born. We are taught from a young age that a desert doesn’t have water, yet the Namib dessert seems to prove something entirely different.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

If a desert can beat the expectations we have from it, so can you. You don’t have to be what you were always taught that you are. Let yourself be free and open up to the possibility that you’re someone you never thought you were. A force of nature can disobey the laws of what made it, and so can you. Being in touch with contradictories makes us realize that they’re a standard and normal part of our personalities, too.

As well as this eye-opening experience that will teach you to accept yourself fully, regardless of what shape that is, you’ll get to enjoy some amazing testimonies of nature’s beauty. This desert is also famous for all the different colours its home to. The sand isn’t only one boring yellow. Instead, it ranges from red to orange to yellow to all the shades in between.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

Just like the desert, you aren’t only made of one colour. Instead, you’re made out of all the shades and colours that exist. This is why the Namib Desert is one of the best places for self-discovery. It constantly reminds you how human you are and how there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

4. Find yourself in Bali

Bali is the perfect destination for getting lost and finding yourself. This amazing island is famous for many things. First of all, you won’t be able to miss the mesmerizing nature that’s all around you. Between two beautiful sunsets, there are so many stunning things to see. Beaches, hidden nooks, and the untouched wilderness.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

It’s not even just about the forests and the greenery. Animals adore Bali just as much as you do. If it’s your first time in Bali, don’t miss seeing the Monkey Forest. Here, you’ll get to see monkeys in their natural habitat being happy, joyful, and free. They’re used to visitors so you don’t have to worry about danger as long as you stay respectful. As well as that, you might even encounter other animals native to this region.

As well as a beautiful modern side, Bali is famous for its tradition and cultural artifacts. Regardless of how religious you are, you need to visit the holy temples. They are more than just places of worship. These temples stand high even today as the testimony of devotion and history of the people of Bali. Spirituality is palpable in these areas, and you won’t be able to escape it.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

You also can’t miss hanging out with the locals. After all, the Balinese are famous for their hospitality and openness to foreigners. How are you going to rediscover yourself if you don’t meet new people? They’ll help you see the most beautiful things in life, change your perspective, and leave you wondering how you didn’t see it before. At the same time, they’ll show you the magic of Bali that only locals know of. By treating you to local delicacies and drinks, and letting you in on some Bali secrets, they’ll be integrating you to their society whether you like it or not. And you’ll love it.

By experiencing different things all around and being all over the place, you are bound to get to the depths of your soul. Being constantly trialled and tested is grounds for self-reflection and self-discovery.

5. Solitude in the Alps

Retreating to the mountains might be just the thing you need to find out who you are. Sometimes, instead of hanging out with different people and going on a new adventure each day, you need to say goodbye to the outside world. By going to the Alps, you’ll be creating your own world with nature, thus also finding yourself in it.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

You can find a remote mountain cabin and book it for a week or two and just let yourself be you. It’s going to be hard in the beginning, because you’ve probably forgotten all about what it’s like to be your own friend. Well, you’re going to remember quickly as you’ll have no other company but yourself. The crisp air and calming nature all around will help you on this journey.

Hiking and exploring different mountain trails is a great way to direct your thoughts in the right direction. This is because physical exercise stimulates circulation and makes sure that your brain gets enough oxygen. This makes your brain function optimally. Add the fact that you’re surrounded by the cleanest air in the mountains and you’ll discover that your cognitive process is at an all-time high.

Top 5 Destinations to Get Lost And Rediscover Yourself

If you’re planning on making this a longer trip, make sure to pack adequately. Hiking equipment, warm clothes, and some the right pair of shoes are essential. You can’t connect with nature and with yourself if your most basic needs aren’t met.

Also make sure to see the sun rise over the mountains, as you haven’t quite experienced a real sunrise until then.


Finding out who you are again can be scary and difficult, but also exciting. You’ll come back from your trip a completely changed and new person who knows what makes them who they are. The world is a beautiful place that hides a different type of challenge in every corner. By travelling, you discover the full extent of the world’s beauty. As well as that, you come in contact with many different people and many different cultures, thus expanding your mind and horizons.

When you start your journey of self-discovery, remember one important thing. Instead of asking yourself who you are, ask who you want to be. This question holds all the potential you have in it, opens you up to the world, and makes you explore all possibilities. It also pushes you in the right direction and makes you the best version of yourself that you can be.

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