For most of the visitors, London spirit hides in bright double-deckers, elegant cabs, manicured parks, and lovely pictured streets. Moving to London, you need to shift the focus. Of course, you will have access to all the beauties and advantages of this cosmopolitan center, but as a citizen, you will always need to keep in mind the assembly of written and non-written rules. To live here is not the same as writing essays about it after the first visit. It is the matter of responsibility. To become accustomed to the new code, get acquainted with the things to remember when moving.

Cost-effectiveness is above all

To make both ends meet, the British accent is not enough. Before you’ve come to settle, you should make certain you are ready to make use of every your penny. They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, since you are coming to London (which is the most expensive city in Europe), do as the Londoners do. And the citizens of the British capital are indeed thrifty! Here’s what you need to do to feel the Londoner’s spirit:

  • Buy yourself a pouch for coins. Don’t get me wrong, but this is indeed a must and you will understand why having learned about the transport fees and the rest of trifles you need to cover daily. Here, coins are not just cute clinking metal pieces which are only countered by the poor. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!
  • Think of your expenses on transport in advance. Bus is the most commonly used transport in the British capital, and the reason is quite obvious: this is the cheapest and the most reliable alternative to the Tube. Why move to London if not to use your chance to travel by the double-decker every day? Of course, in your dreams of adventures you might have thought of the elegant classic London cabs. But the reality is that they are too expensive for the average Londoner. If you are too late for the Tube to get back home, the best way out is a taxi app.

Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to London

  • Don’t play a generous visitor in pubs. In this city, you can forget about your usual practice to tip the waiter, though it is not forbidden. If you do not want to forget about this habit of social grace, you can offer some incentive to your waiter, but he or she will be surprised.
  • Apps are lifesaving tricky things. If you don’t want to find your pocket empty in the middle of the month, never pay the price which is twice as big for the same service in the apps. Installation of Uber app will save you a lot (in comparison with a price for a trip home in a cab it is twice as little).
  • Don’t get tired of taking precautions. This is related to the number of your discount cards and the Oyster card saving your expenditures on transport issues. To make certain you will not lose all your money for transport, register the Oyster card on the TFL website. Thus, even if it gets lost, you will still preserve your money.

Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to London

Choose free alternatives to expensive entertainments

Though you need to do your best to earn your living in London, you should not forget about the entertaining and culture. These are several tips for moving to London and have regular fun for free.

  • Almost every popular attraction has an alternative. Instead of choosing London Eye to enjoy the beautiful view of the city, head to the Sky Garden or the roof of the Tate Modern’s Switch House.
  • Make use of the diversity of museums which are welcoming visitors absolutely for free. Start with National Portrait Gallery and proceed with Victoria and Albert Museum, National Gallery, British Museum, Wallace Collection, and Tate Gallery. The list is not complete!
  • Find an alternative to a visit to the zoo. You do not have to pay a solid fee if you are looking for a contact with cute animals: many urban farms offer opportunities to feed baby goats, for instance, for free.

Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to London

Do your best to be up to speed on everything

Moving to London, you need to admit that the pace of life in this city is incredibly fast, and to fit in the community of the busy and important you need to be armed at all points.

  • Take precautions to get geographical bearings. Do not assume you will have a chance to encounter a native who will prompt you the way. Most of them are busy to death, the rest are tourists or newcomers who are looking for their way just like you. To make certain you will always find your way home, download a reliable application. For instance, Citymapper (much better than Google Maps).
  • Nothing valuable is exposed to the wide public. This is so true about good places to visit and to make shopping that you can hardly find some decent spot when just taking a walk. Consider Time Out and ask your friends not to waste time.

Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to London

Save your time

Time is money. Londoner makes every effort not to waste time but for the moments when he planned it, and to make certain he keeps up with the times he walks after the following rules:

  • Well-grounded plan is the only basement for an efficient day. This rule has been tested out on practice by every citizen. Since the city is big AND long, it takes not less than 45 minutes to arrive at the place of destination. Include this detail in the list of things to remember when moving to London.
  • Contactless debit card is a must-have for the busy Londoner. This a trick which can save you valuable seconds and minutes that gradually grow into days when you are in London. What’s more, it serves a kind of plan B if one day you leave your Oyster card at home.

Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to London

Choose your accommodation wisely

For the London citizen his home is his castle. The choice of accommodation can be only a well-grounded one. Not to make your castle the disabling burden in any sense, do the following:

  • Agree to the variant offering access to the transport. Choosing a flat that is situated more than 7 minutes away from the Tube is not very reasonable. Ascertain the Night Bus stop is also within the walking distance.
  • Looking for apartment keep in mind the council tax. As it depends on the location, you need to include its additional sum into the rent to make sure you will not need to pay through the nose for your flat.

Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to London

Moving to London is a fateful step. Make it wisely to enjoy plenty of new advantages!