Although Mark Tudor is a financial planning expert, he is a perfect example of a food enthusiast who enjoys the wonders of French and Italian cuisine in his spare time. When he is not working, this Orlando native loves touring his city in search of new places that offer the traditional meals that he has not had before.

Moreover, he often spends time improving his cooking proficiency while also making some very tasty dishes for his family. So, based on his experience, Mr. Tudor is happy to share his top five restaurants that specialize in traditional French cuisine in the Orlando area.

Le Gourmet Break

As one of the few restaurants whose owners were native French citizens, Le Gourmet Break offers an unparalleled level of authenticity. Their cuisine relies on traditional dishes that are popular in France and have not been modified for the American taste. Instead, the simplicity and original seasonings give all of their creations an advantage. Some of the most popular menu items include fruit salads, freshly baked goods, all-day breakfasts, and more. Additionally, people who may be unable to visit the restaurant can still enjoy the food as everything can be delivered.

Top 5 Traditional French Cuisine Restaurants in the Orlando Area According to Foodie Mark Tudor

Le Coq Au Vin

In order to combine modern flavors with some traditional cuisine, one has to be an outstanding chef. Well, Le Coq Au Vin is home to two of the world-renowned chefs who definitely meet this standard. These two include Chef Pitz and Chef Perrotte who have been in the business for decades. Moreover, they are seasoned veterans who spent over 20 years of their careers traveling around the world and giving back to the culinary communities. Something that has allowed them to establish their restaurant as one of the most impressive locations for French cuisine in Orlando is their constant research. They are dedicated to creating new recipes that have not been invented and their customers enjoy the unpredictability.

Top 5 Traditional French Cuisine Restaurants in the Orlando Area According to Foodie Mark Tudor

Chez Vincent

Ever since 1997, the Hannibal Square of Winter Park has homed the Chez Vincent restaurant. Led by Chef Vincent and his wife, this location has won multiple awards including Best New Restaurant, Best Desserts, and the Golden Palm Restaurant trophy. Additionally, one of the recent awards includes recognition as the Best French Restaurant in 2009. The reason why the chef has been able to reach such levels of success goes back to his own training at the Clermont Ferrand. For those unfamiliar, this is a world-renowned culinary school that is located in France. Chef Vincent was the top graduating apprentice in his class and he brought his knowledge to the United States to satisfy the Orlando market.

Top 5 Traditional French Cuisine Restaurants in the Orlando Area According to Foodie Mark Tudor

La Boucherie

Compiling a list of top French restaurants in Orlando would not be fair if La Boucherie was left out. This steakhouse prides itself as one of the most popular steakhouses in France that found its way to the U.S. The reason why customers enjoy it is due to their own butcher shop where all of the meats are cut and prepared using the traditional French recipes and norms. Additionally, the owners have figured out how to source the meat from American suppliers and combine them with a French approach to cuisine. So, although the actual steaks are not imported from France, per se, those who try them will not be able to tell the difference because the attention to every detail is exceptional.

Top 5 Traditional French Cuisine Restaurants in the Orlando Area According to Foodie Mark Tudor

Cafe Tu Tu Tango

Enjoying outstanding dishes and high-quality wine while listening to live entertainment and watching people paint is about as good as someone’s restaurant experience can get. Well, at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, visitors will be able to enjoy everything from the vibrant scenery to the actual art that is happening in real time. Although the food includes various combinations of European cooking, French traditional meals are some of the more popular menu items. If the painting was not enough, however, the odds of random tango dancers suddenly starting to perform during the dinner service are quite high.

Top 5 Traditional French Cuisine Restaurants in the Orlando Area According to Foodie Mark Tudor

Notable runners-up that are popular for their French offering include the Cafe 906, DoveCote Brasserie, Kres Chophouse, and more. Nevertheless, the beauty of French cuisine is to uncover the restaurants that appeal to one’s expectations the most. Since there are so many options in the market, however, finding the perfect fit should just be a matter of time. Until that happens, however, one will be able to explore the never-ending slew of high-quality, old-fashioned dishes that were made using some of the oldest recipes from France. People who may not be sure where to start can refer to one of the previous five. After all, Mark Tudor praises every single one of the described restaurants as leaders in their particular sector.