Munich…what a city!
The party animal in you wants to visit Munich during the Oktober fest and get stoked. The adventure junkie in you wants to go on a hike at the highest peak of Germany- Zugspitze.
What to do then?
I say, do BOTH!

Munich is a typical german city with a steady English-speaking population. Without a language barrier unlike what is seen in other german cities, you get to enjoy the historical, architectural and cultural aspects of this iconic city,

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

The perfect weekend trip can involve a visit to the city and some beautiful places around it. A glimpse at the bavarian alps and the amazing bavarian localities themselves will make it an experience truly unimaginable.

Let’s dig in!

#1 Go on a Free Walking Tour

Your first thought for a visit to Munich would involve looking around the city itself. You can book a walking tour starting with -Marienplatz, also considered the soul of Munich. Make sure to keep half a day at least to get the historical aspect and soak in the beautiful state of the city.

Choose a tour that involves some of the most iconic places like the English garden, St paul’s church and Max-Joseph-Platz.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Amongst them, a walk or a bike ride by the “Englischer Garten” Munich’s largest park shouldn’t be missed. This is where surfing waves and beer gardens, beckon.

As Munich’s biggest park, the English garden replicates the enviable weather and landscape England embodies within its territories.

#2 Ride a Bike or Go Surfing

A walk through the city will make you touch at least one part of the English garden and the river Eisbach.

In a super landlocked city, a clean river running through its midst is a surprise in itself. Add surfing activities and you are surely in for a shock.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Surfing on the River Eisbach is a serious affair among tourists and localities. At the end of the English garden tour, do stop by to watch professional surfers get around those rough waves. It truly is something remarkable.

Do not underestimate the current of the water since the Eisbach river is quite deadly. So for obvious reasons only professionals are allowed to surf.

#3 Soak in the Architecture

One of the most famous buildings is the new Bavarian State Chancellery in Bavaria or the glass corridor government building. (Talk about literal government transparency :P)

Right beside it, is Marienplatz and the Glockenspiel cuckoo clock where a carousel of figures dance every day. This is usually witnessed at 11 am, 12 pm and 5 pm.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Apart from these, the Residenz is considered a symbol of prestige, and the Museum Brandhorst stands tall as a unique architectural insignia.

Apart from these, St. Peter’s Church should be visited to get a true European catholic vibe. It is one of the ancient churches in Munich. It has a mix of styles from Baroque to Renaissance, to Gothic.

Overall throughout the city, the Nazi german army’s symbols have been completely wiped out except in some places to keep them as a reminder of the mistakes of the dark past that should never be repeated.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich


It is better to book a place on the outskirts of Munich rather than in the city itself. Either that or you book your place very very early ( a month in advance) cuz’ 400 euros a night ain’t a joke.

Any place close to U-Bahn or underground railway station around the Underground U4 and U5 line should be considered the best place to stay.

#4 Eat Some Good Pommes!

A huge part of Munich’s visit involves eating german food.

Mouth-watering steaks, hamburgers and french fries (also called Pommes) are something you shouldn’t miss at cafes like Motorworld Inn Munchen or Cafe Glockenspiel.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

You can try Rischart Café right at the corner of the avenue that is famous for its chocolate mousse cake.

Travel Tip: IF you have limited time and you are on the move on a walking tour you can get a delicious Brie cheese pretzel in any railway station cafe around the corner and continue with your tour.

#5 Zugspitze and Eibsee Lake

Post a visit to Munich you can plan a one-day trip to Zugspitze in the bavarian alps.

You may hike the entire 20km trail (only if you have been a mountain hiker for 15+ years 😜) or you can take a cog wheeled-train like the rest of us commoners.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Most people choose the latter and plan a summit climb via cog trains (that run every 30 minutes throughout the day).

This runs from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the Zugspitze mountains. You may take a travel or a bus from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen via the beautiful town of Murnau.

On your upward and downward journey take some time out to walk down to Eibsee lake which is one of the bluest and cleanest rivers in the entire country.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Travel Tip: Make sure to check the snow weather conditions of the place to visit the place on a non-foggy pleasant day.

#6 Tip-Toe across countries: Austria – Bavarian Alps

The swiss alps run through three different European countries along Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In a borderless mountain world, you can walk across any of these countries without a visa, security or any such issues.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Once you reach the summit you can choose to have good food in the mountain restaurants like Gletscherrestaurant Sonnalpin.

Secret tip: Make sure to get Sonnalpin’s super fast-moving, Pommes and raspberry cake. (a bit pricey, but hey, you are on top of a mountain, what did you expect?!)

#7 Ski in the Olympic stadium or Watch a Live Ice Hockey Game

The Olympic stadium that hosted the winter Olympic games in 1936 is located right down the mountain valley at Garmisch-Partenkirchen which is still an important centre for local matches.

You can ski along the ski lifts and pistes or tour the path for beautiful views if you visit the state of Bavaria in winter. You can even catch a glimpse of an event or practice session in progress if you are lucky.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Smart Tip: If you do end up watching a german ice hockey game, make sure you cheer the local team with the localities just to be on the safer side. :P

#8 Visit the Oktober Fest

I kept this towards the last for a reason – only if you plan your trip to munich around mid-September to the first week of October will you be able to attend the biggest party festival in the world in Munich.

How to Attend?

With over 6 million people visiting Oktober fest every year, you can plan a half a day or 1 day trip to party and have fun at Theresienwiese (the grounds where the festival takes place).

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

But if you wish to know the micro details of the fest then 2-3 days should suffice. This will help you see local Bavarians themselves who come in large numbers wearing the tract costumes (lederhosen for men, dirndl for women)

Travel Tip: You may visit any tract shop (traditional garments shop in Munich ) to get into knee-length boots or beer hats and dresses worth $100-200.

What to Do?

Now if you haven’t come to the Oktober fest to have a beer then what are you here for?

Several Munich breweries that set up tents at the Oktober fest are super popular, but one of the most popular is the one from Paulaner. Augustiner and Lowen Brau are just as famous but may be less appealing compared to Paulaner.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Smart tip: If you are going with a family, then Augustine is a more laid-back place to chill. If you are out with your friends to party then Hofbräu Festzelt is your best bet.

You can reserve a table or get in place through walk-ins- on a first come first serve basis. Bear in mind the weather is usually cold, so hold onto a jacket or a scarf in case you get a table outdoors.


As for food, you’ll never be too far from chicken and salami and pretzels which are all reasonably priced at 5-10 euros.

Entry to the grounds is free the best part is a litre of beer is sold at just 12-13 euros a piece. Add some tipping charges to your waiters (which they deserve), and you might have to cough up 15-16 euros for a beer in total.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Weekend Trip to Munich

Carrying cash is essential because as advanced as the city is, most of the vendors accept only cash. There is no need to buy tickets but getting there early will always help.

Accommodation: If you pay 200 euros for 3 people then consider yourself lucky as most of the places around the grounds will cost you 400 euros a night.

Smart Tip: For all your non-alcoholic buddies get an Apfelschorle, (apple drink) to raise a toast. It is close enough to beer and quite tasty too.

Final Word

A fun-filled weekend can be planned in many ways. The best experience is one where you have the will to travel and the curiosity to learn new things.

There is much to do in a beautiful place like Bavaria with its centre point of Munich.

All you will need is some money, zeal and tons of energy to enjoy that weekend outing!

It is time to get out and habe Spaß!

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