Israel is one of those countries whose history goes back millennia. Virtually every place in Israel is historic and worth every visit. While covering all the attractions in Israel worth visiting is really hard, there are those areas that come in mind when Israel is mentioned, something you need to know even before taking that vital flight to Israel.


Obviously, you cannot say you visited Israel without a quick visit to Jerusalem, a place where Judaism, Christianity and Islam consider very sacred. Jerusalem Old City is a stop to make, especially due to its stone walls encircling it built during the Ottoman period where holy sites are found, such as the Western Wall, holy to every Jew and a highly visited place, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Dome of the Rock.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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Tel Aviv

One of the most significant places in Israel, Tel Aviv is the cultural and commercial heart beat of Israel in the same manner New York is for America. It is perhaps the youngest city in a country where towns and cities go back thousands of years since it is was formed around 1909. While the modernity of Tel Aviv is worth checking out any time, Yafo or the old Jaffa city is a stop worth making, considering its roots go back to the biblical era and perhaps way before that.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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Israel Museum

Found in the heart of Jerusalem, the Israel Museum is the country’s most extensive cultural complex and the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls, oldest biblical manuscripts known. It also a site where the sculpture garden known as Billy Rose is found, with works of Rodin, Picasso among others. Another part of the Israel Museum is East Jerusalem’s Rockefeller Archaeological Museum.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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Every time Galilee is mentioned Jesus Christ comes to mind, especially Lake Kinneret or the Sea of Galilee. Safed and Tiberias, two of four Judaism holy cities are also in Galilee, located in the northern region and considered an area where milk and honey flow as the waters of the sea. Apart from being a historic city, the area is a highly agricultural area with lodging options fit for all more than other areas in Israel.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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A place worth visiting any time, the Masada desert fortress is the scene of the last Zealots resistance around 73 A.D. before they were overrun by the Romans. The Jewish sect was destroyed after the Romans created ramparts as a siege of the fortress where you can also see lots of ruins. A cable car or walking up the Snake Path will take you to the peak rising 1,300 feet.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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Dead Sea

As the lowest point of anywhere in the world, Dead Sea is 1,360 feet below altitude with waters that are saltier over eight times that of the ocean. This gives the water a buoyancy that makes floating much easier. Anyone afflicted by skin problems will find the mineral-rich salty water very healing. In most cases many join up with cruise after flying to the place the cruise is set to start, perhaps after searching for great air ticket deals in a site such as El Al. Shorter cruises in contrast attract younger passengers mostly towards the Caribbean.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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Caesarea National Park

Between Haifa and Tel Aviv is Caesarea National Park, a very picturesque archaeological site built by Herod over 2 millennia ago as a port and dedicated it to the Roman leader at the time, Caesar Augustus. The Crusaders and Roman period ruins are breathtaking against a backdrop of amazing sea views. There is an ancient amphitheatre that has since been restored and comes to life during the summer when concerts are held.

Top Attractions in Israel Worth Every Visit

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