Stand up Paddle (SUP) boarding is pure and meditating activity. With time, SUP is gaining popularity in the masses. Many training schools have opened alongside the ocean, river, and lake around the world.

People believe it as an activity, however. Few still see it as a sport. Once you have experienced SUP, it brings snooping in you to go for it repeatedly. It’s an enriching activity.

Snooping is the reason why most people once go for SUPing and never end. It has the potential to keep you away from a variety of diseases. The act is engaging, which is why you glide through the water while standing on the board.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

Next Vacation Spot for SUP!

So, don’t miss your next vacation trip without SUPing. Wherever you’re in the world, find the place for the paddleboard rentals to take on the experience in different destinations. There is no place in the world where SUP is not available.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

After elaborated research, we have come across the top eight places for the paddleboard in the world. We have extensively covered how to SUP the canals of the Caribbean to gliding next to discovering the Fjords of Norway. Let’s begin:

Caribbean Island

Indeed, heaven on the Earth – it’s none other than Islands of the Caribbean. Just ponder, you’re sopping up the sun as you paddle over transparent crystal water. It has over 7,000 islands, with all of them having a soft sandy beach to host you.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

Enjoy the marine life of Caribbean Island as you float on the world’s most excellent water. You may see turtles, iguanas, stingrays, and manatees. If your vacation spot is near Caribbean Island, it’s recommended to book SUP and explore the mangroves of Caicos and Turks. Due to the calm and tranquil water, you may try SUP yoga. The best time to visit is from December to April.


Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations for SUPing. It is poured with 15 islands for SUPing. The lush land and stunning oceans will recall you of Caribbean Island. The water is crystal-like, a river of diamonds.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

The calm bays of Hawaii have SUP for rent to glide on the water. While you’re SUPing, see the whales and turtles through the water. No wonder, paddleboarding is invented for this place. The best time to visit Hawaii for paddleboarding is from April to May and September to October.

Banff, Alberta

Teeth must be cracking, after hearing about paddleboarding in Alberta! One of the most spectacular places for national parks in the world, Banff is amidst it. Banff is a fantasy for paddleboard freaks. It’s home to dozens of lakes – from light blue to deep turquoise lake. There are Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, and Moraine Lake best of paddleboards. Once you’re SUPing, don’t forget to see the wildlife in the lake, such as bald eagles, grizzly bears, and herds of elk.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

The national parks of Alberta are dog-friendly. If your dog is fond of water, they may also need a paddleboard with you. The incredible Alberta is best for the paddle board between June and August.


As you explore the beautiful city of windmills and tulip fields – paddleboarding is inevitable at such a venue. Netherlands has a plethora of rivers, canals, and lakes for SUP. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity. The best time to do SUP in the Netherlands is between April to October because the country is warmed up, and tulips are blossoming into a sea of reds, blues, and pinks.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

If you’re planning to visit the Netherlands in winter, you can do SUP – but proper gear will be needed to diminish the coldness while you’re SUPing. Usually, the cold temperature in Netherland goes below the freezing point. In winter, Amstel River is recommended because it doesn’t go below the freezing point.


After you have taken a picture at Pisa Tower and Colosseum, hop to a beach in Italy for a paddle board. How can you forget Venice? Travel the canals on the paddleboard. The ancient city is waiting to host you. Since the canal is small, your SUP will quickly discover the places around the water city.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

After sighting Venice, head towards Rome and explore the Tiber River. An excellent place for a paddle board with epic views of Saint Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’ Angelo. It’s the most recommended place for us. The best time to visit Italy is from April to June and September to October.


To have a rugged SUP destination, Fjords of Norway is the best place. They are situated on the western coast of Norway. Fjords allow SUPers to cruise on the water surrounded by the snow-capped mountains. If you want to explore Fjords thoroughly, we urge you to take a week’s SUP trip to Norway.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

It has one of the most breathtaking views, and remote landscapes to explore. During paddleboarding, you will explore hidden villages, roaring waterfall, and gigantic mountains. It’s not recommended to visit in the winter season. The cold is too harsh – the best months to visit are May to September.

Bali, Indonesia

It’s the most excellent spot for tourism in Asia. It’s a God of Island. Similarly, Bali hosts one of the most popular SUP dreams of many tourists. From SUP surfing to aquamarine lagoons, there are all skill levels of a paddle board. Start SUPing in the rolling waves, and catch ancient temples in the sunset of crystal-clear water. To have a memorable SUP experience, Bali is best for it between April to October.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding


It’s another beautiful spot in Asia for beaching, cruising and partying. On the south of Thailand, islands have the paddle boarders waiting for you to glide on the water. You may book your paddleboard remotely in Thailand before reaching the destination.

Top Eight Destinations For Paddle Boarding

Discover the SUP trip filled with dramatic rock formation, lucent waters, and dreamy sunset. Don’t forget snorkel gear on your paddleboard, which is filled with beautiful fish living in the coral reef. It’s the November to April best for you to SUP in Thailand.

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