Paddle Boarding is one of the best ways to get outside and live the good life. I mean really how often are you actually able to just stand on the water? It is also a great way to see the area you are staying in from a rather unique perspective. You never know what you can find along the way, from curious seals to a sea floor teaming with life why wouldn’t you want to go and explore the water?

Paddle Boarding is a great activity that holds a plethora of different kinds of mental and physical benefits . Some of them include:

  • A Great Cardio Workout
  • The Tranquility of floating on the Water
  • SUP Yoga is a thing
  • Consistent Paddling can increase your Strength
  • It works your Abdominal muscles
  • It is a Fantastic Full body Workout
  • The Gentle Rocking of Waves Provides Meditative Benefits

The Top 5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in the World

Best yet you don’t even realize that you are getting a good workout in because your whole body is constantly working in balancing, paddling and looking forward to where you will go. Have I convinced you yet? Good let’s start!

Top 5 Best Locations to Go Paddle Boarding

Miami, Florida

How does that Will Smith song go again? Miami Florida is the perfect setting to go paddle boarding as it features a wide variety of different landscapes from hidden lagoons to beach as far as the eye can see. Some popular paddling destinations include Virginia Bay, Biscayne Bay and the Sunset Islands

The Top 5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in the World

Vancouver, Canada

Not a lot of people expect to see Canada on this list but I believe it is one of the more under appreciated spots to relax. Vancouver has a wide range of different paddling locations in and around the city that you can explore. From English Bay all the way to the corners of North Van and White Rock Beach. In my personal experience it is not uncommon to have a friendly seal plop his head from the water to check you out!

The Top 5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in the World

The Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands offer many different opportunities to get on the water and explore your surroundings. Secluded beach destinations such as El Bollullo and Famara await while you can also take a guided SUP tour along the Gran Canaria coast.

The Top 5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in the World

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of those places that has to be put on the bucket list before, well kicking the bucket. Bali is well known for its pristine beaches and Jurassic Park like landscape which makes it an ideal paddle boarding destination. Not just that, but it is one of the best year round paddling destinations out there. Some calmer spots away from the crowded beaches include Medewi and Balian.

The Top 5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in the World

Perth, Australia

Perth has something for all SUP skill levels from beginner to pro! If you are a beginner Swan River is the best place to hone your technique to eventually tackle the blue waves of Perth. Perth is also an ideal Snorkeling and Scuba destination if you wanted to discover what lies beneath!

The Top 5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in the World

There are lots of different ways to go out and enjoy Paddle Boarding. Popular locations like the ones I have listed usually have rental spots. If you actually want to take your paddle boarding to the next level you can always get a hard board or an inflatable paddle board to take with you anytime you want to hit the beach.

Paddle Boarding is a fantastic way to see your new area and if you are lucky enough to be located near a beach then Paddling is a fantastic way to clear your mind and body.