If you are planning to go on holiday now or to postpone it in future, we might help you with some blazing holiday destination ideas. Whether you haven’t decided yet, or you have already picked the location, we are certain that this list will make you hesitate your  choice. From beautiful beaches to great nightlife, take a look at this list in which places are picked and described by the most valuable thing to do in them. Pick one of those destinations and this will be your perfect holiday ever.

The Maldives

For: Relaxation

Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most popular tourist destination for a great holiday. That is because of the wonderful resorts and the breathtaking landscapes. If your holiday is meant for relaxation, then this is the perfect place for you. You can pick to be accommodated in a private villas that are in the middle of the water connected with the land by a short walkways.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Queenstown, New Zealand

For: Excitement

New Zealand has the friendliest people in the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you go to Queenstown in summer or winter, you will always find some great excitement. In summers you can go for white water trips down the Shotover river or hike near the Wakatipu lake. In winters the ski centre is perfect with the steep mountain. If you decide to come here for your holiday then we guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Paris, France

For: Food

The city of love. Paris is also well known for the food and wine too. You can go in Paris for a holiday and stay in inexpensive hotel or if your budget is not limited then you can find the most expensive one. Keep in mind that whether you stay, you always need to leave some money to taste as much food as you can. You can always try some great macaronas or unique ice-cream, but you must not leave paris until you taste at least one of the french unique crepes.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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New York, USA

For: Shopping

One of the most beautiful cities in USA. It has a great cityscape and it is well known for shopping. Dont forget  Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the city” is the perfect description of New Yorker that is addicted of shopping. It doesn’t need to be New Yorker, or even American, you just need some US dollars, a little english knowledge and you are free to join the shopping mania.  When you are in New York don’t forget to check out the Empire State Building, Broadway, Times Square and Central park. Here is a little secret to reveal. The place in the following picture is Soho Shopping District on Broadway, the places where you are headed to!

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Hong Kong, China

For: Unique culture

Hong Kong is usually referred as a place where the East meets the West. At one place you can see the chinese spelling traditional herbs, around the corner you can see the koreans further more europeans or americans. This is the place where you can find every single culture that exists in the world, and even a new one, mix of all those.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Venice, Italy

For: History

Venice is the city which brings the history in the present. The old buildings around the canals and gondolas are the first sign of the rich culture. In the summers it gets more crowded as many visitors comes here to explore something that cannot be seen on other place. But here is one notice, this city is not cheap. Be ready to bring some money if you would like to enjoy everything you see. The holiday spent in Venice will be one that you will never forget.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Pyongyang, North Korea

For: Exclusivity

This place is the place where it is the hardest to get a visa to visit it. It is the place that not many people will say that have traveled here. After you come here, you will be amased. The great food, the perfect pathways, green parks, everything is perfect. And you will always have a tourist guide with you to explain you everything. If you visit Pyongyang during a celebration, then you will have a great time to remember. It will be like nothing you have seen before. So dont hesitate if you have chance, visit Pyongyang.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Cape Town, South Africa

For: Beaches

Cape Town is the most famous place in South Africa. It is the place where tourists just enjoys the great beaches decorated with the Table Mountain above them during their holiday time. Despite the great beaches, here you will also have a great time during nights. The nightlife is so cool with some bars and night clubs.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Sydney, Australia

For: The Nightlife

Sydney is a great place to visit, despite having the most deadly creatures in the world. It is a sparkling city with a great nightlife. The australian people are very friendly, and you can get help at any moment you need it. In Sydney you can check the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, or you can go a little deeper and meet the unique flora and fauna. The holiday in Sydney can also be spent to walk on some of the great streets with restaurants or shops, or to go on the city beaches and enjoy the ocean time.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

For: The Gambling

This place is for you only if your budget is unlimited and you just don’t care how much money you will spend. Great cassinos, expensive hotels, exclusive cars… This is why 3 films of James Bond has been filmed in Monte Carlo. This is the city of the rich people. It is the city that holds the most billionaires. Despite the gambling here you can see the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix (only if you visit it during the event) and many other fashion shows. I bet this will be your most expensive holiday, but this holiday will bring you memories for the rest of your life.

Top 10 Blazing Holiday Destinations

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