Before we give the “formal” definition of what a turnkey remodel is, let us first say that contractors can delay the project. Your number one desire, as the owner of the project, is to finish the project as soon as possible.

Sometimes, because you have to rely on various services from different contractors, then the project ends up taking longer than you wished.

Thanks to technology and sharp entrepreneurs, this is no longer a problem today. We have turnkey remodeling contractors who do all the work giving the homeowner rest in supervising the entire project.

So, what is turnkey remodeling?

It merely is handing over all the mandate to a construction company. The thing is, the firm owns the required technology to make sure they oversee and do everything that the homeowner wants to accomplish.

What Is Turnkey Remodeling & Is It Right for Me?

Soon after the contractor completes his or her work, he or she will hand over the keys to the apartment, or property to the owner. Therefore, the proprietor does not have to do any add-ons but to move into the new, refurbished home.

By the way, turnkey remodeling does not have to involve reconstruction of an entire property. You may have damages within your property especially after someone moves out or when you have been using the home for a long time.

What Is Turnkey Remodeling & Is It Right for Me?

Thus, the contractor will only remodel the areas that need reconstruction.

I meet many people asking is it right to hire such a contractor?

Well, here is your answer. To me, it is a yes.

Think of it in terms of finances. When I talk of funds, I mean money and time at the same time. You have to consider the budget, and discuss this with your preferred company. Then, they will give you a timeframe.

What Is Turnkey Remodeling & Is It Right for Me?

By now, if this is not your first remodeling project, you should understand that time wasted would cost you extra cash that was not in your plan.

Additionally, when you agree on everything, the remodeling contractor will look for the professionals who can do the décor, the interior, the paintings, the plumbing, and the electrical connection.

What Is Turnkey Remodeling & Is It Right for Me?

You will also save time that you would use to look for the right company for that particular project.

Does it mean that they will throw you out of the project?

Many would think that since you are giving the contractor all the rights to do all the demolishing and remodeling, they do not have any say in what happens within the course of the project.

If I told you that that was the case, I would be lying.

What Is Turnkey Remodeling & Is It Right for Me?

The supervisor will always call you in case of an emergency, and when buying new articles for a room (such as paints and countertops). If they do anything without consulting your first, the company must be a fraud.

However, they will include you in the initial stages of planning, and you will have to leave the rest of the work to them.

What type of project do they handle?

By the way, when I said that these contractors are the right people for your next project, I meant it. They do not handle residential projects only. You should also hire them for commercial projects as well.

What Is Turnkey Remodeling & Is It Right for Me?

When selecting the right one for you, ensure that you do enough background checks (warranties, licenses, insurance, and experience) and know whether they offer both residential and commercial construction.

Final remarks

As soon as you hire the right company, be sure to discuss everything about the project with them. The contractor should also give you a sketch on how they plan to execute the whole project.