Chocolates are the most loved snacks that one can think of. No matter what age group you belong to, you can never resist eating a piece of that heavenly sweet. It is the most sold flavour on earth and eating chocolates is the one thing that you can’t stop your children to do. Chocolates come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours too. Earlier it was just cocoa mixed in milk solids and sugar. But today, we have a flavour for a mood and a type for a season. From rum chocolates to nutty delights, you can explore a wide range of chocolates if you have a sweet tooth.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, as the name itself tells, is a dark looking chocolate. It has a higher amount of cocoa in it. The amount of milk added to balance the cocoa butter flavour is less, thus making the chocolate a bit bitter. Dark chocolate contains high amounts of antioxidants and is believed to be very healthy. It is good for the skin, heart and the brain. So, who said chocolate isn’t good for health?

Different Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates

White chocolate

The white or pale yellow coloured chocolate is very tasty and sweet. It is made of very little cocoa, sugar and lots of milk solids to give it a milky flavour. Many people prefer this chocolate as it is very yummy to eat and contains high amounts of calcium which is good for the teeth and bones.

Different Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates

Fruit and nut chocolate

Eating plain chocolate will become boring at some point of time. That is when you buy a fruits and nuts mixed chocolate. The plain, soft chocolate is given a crunchy feeling by adding dry fruits such as raisins, cashew nut, almond, pista, walnut etc. The mixture is absolutely delicious and scrumptious to eat.

Different Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates

Sweet chocolate

This is the most common chocolate made out of normal amounts of cocoa, sugar and milk. It is brown in colour and very sweet to taste. Most of the plain chocolate bars that are available in market are made of this chocolate. You can buy these chocolates anywhere. You can also buy chocolates by post.

Different Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates

Milk chocolate

Though this chocolate consists of lots of milk, it also contains significant amount of cocoa, thus making it brown in colour. The flavour of milk is high and it is a very tasty chocolate.

Different Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates


This is a flavoursome chocolate ground with toasted hazelnuts. The smooth texture and the flavour of hazelnuts are blissful. It was invented by Italian or Swiss people and is famous around the world.

Different Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates

Chocolates are the best thing to munch on when you are bored or depressed. They also make the best hunger snacks. Chocolates go well with movie theatres and snack breaks at school. They are an ideal evening snack and an after dinner dessert. They also make the best gift that you can give your loved ones. If you want to enjoy munching on these sweets, order chocolates online. You will get your favourite chocolate at your door step.