Whether you are a motorhome enthusiast, or you are just interested in different types of travelling or holidaying, it’s good to know what the different types of motorhome are, and how each one may be useful to you. Sell My Motorhome are experts in the field and they always stand by the fact that “we buy any motorhome”, so for this reason, they’ve seen it all! They have gathered this comprehensive list of different types of motorhome to help you get a better understanding.

Micro Motorhomes

Micro Motorhomes, true to their name, are the smallest type of motorhome. They are generally more like a converted car or small van, as opposed to what you would think of as a motorhome. This type of motorhome will generally contain a small place for storage, maybe cooking appliances, and there should be room to sleep 1 or 2 people. As you can imagine, this type of motorhome may not be particularly ideal for holidaying in, but if you are taking long journeys and need to rest on the way, this could be a great vehicle for you! This is certainly a viable choice if you are on a smaller budget and travelling with 2 people, so it has its pros and cons.

Price: £2,000 – £20,000

Where to buy: Gumtree, eBay, Redcote Leisure, Chapel Motorhomes

What are the different types of motorhome?


Campervans are an extremely popular type of motorhome, and one that we have all probably seen in real life or on the TV, in the form of a VW Camper. This is a staple in the motorhome/campervan world and has been around for many moons. Loved by many VW enthusiasts and people who are travel fanatics, a campervan will provide accommodation for 2, but could be travelled in by more, probably up to 4 or 6. You will find some campervans with more advanced features, such as cooking equipment and an oven, and some that are more basic, this of course depends on your price range. Once again, this is the perfect vehicle if you are travelling fairly lightly and don’t need endless belongings, but could be too small for some people. If you are simply a campervan fan – of course, they are the perfect vehicle for you.

Price: £4,00 – £100,000

Where to buy: Autotrader, eBay, Motorhome Depot

What are the different types of motorhome?

Coachbuilt motorhome with over head cab

This type of motorhome is what most people would consider a ‘normal’ motorhome, and is probably the most common and popular type of motorhome. This is basically a cab, manufactured by a motorhome company, with the motorhome body built onto the cab, which holds all the features of the motorhome and where you can store your things. This is the type of vehicle which will serve you best if you are travelling with family or friends and you have somewhere to park your motorhome and stay over, such as a motorhome park. A motorhome of this type will typically sleep 4 people, unless you have a larger model that may accommodate more, but it will come with beds, shower and a place to cook. All of these great features mean that this type of vehicle is perfect for a holiday with the family and should accommodate all your needs.

Price £7,000 – £150,000

Where to buy: Autotrader, eBay, Gumtree, News Now

What are the different types of motorhome?

A Class Motorhomes

As we explained in the above paragraph, that type of motorhome had a cab that had the body built onto it, this is where an A Class Motorhome is different. An A Class Motorhome has no separate cab, and the drivers section and the back are all in one. This may look more like a coach or a bus, as opposed to the above example. Due to the larger size of these motorhomes, they are often the more luxury type, with more nice features and things to do in the living area. Because they can be large and luxury, of course this comes with a price tag, so affordability is definitely the main thing you will need to look at when you are considering a motorhome, you may need a large budget for an A Class. This type of motorhome is more likely to sleep around 8 people, with the possibility for more once again, dependent on the size of the vehicle.

Price: £15,000 – £250,000

Where to buy: AutoTrader, eBay, Private Sellers, Motorhome Brands

What are the different types of motorhome?

So, now you should have a better understanding of what motorhomes are available to you and why they might be helpful. We hope that this guide to the different types of motorhome has helped you get a good idea of what type of vehicle you want, and when you come to part with your vehicle, always remember that Sell My Motorhome can take it off your hands.